Israeli Sperm Count Drops A Whopping Forty Percent

(Israeli hightech entrepeneur Yossi Vardi delivers a TED Talk about the dangers of blogging for men. An inconvenient truth called Local Warming.) It could be something out of the worst nightmare of a Woody Allen flick like “Everything you wanted to know about sex but are afraid to ask.” But there may be truth in […]


Israel and Korea to Boost Environmental Cooperation

Israel Environmental Protection Minister Gideon Ezra and his Korean counterpart Environment Minister Lee Maanee signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral environmental cooperation on November 12, 2008. Under the agreement, the two countries will enhance cooperation on air pollution, climate change, biological diversity and sewage disposal and will promote exchanges between environmental experts. Among the […]


EcoOcean’s Andreas Weil

Green Prophet interviews Andreas Weil, director of EcoOcean. Tell us a little about who you are and what you do. My name is Andreas Weil and I am the co-founder and acting director of the Israeli marine environmental nonprofit organization EcoOcean. I live for environmental issues and education. The sea is my passion and EcoOcean […]


Trouble in Paradise: Dubai's Beaches Severely Polluted

With its lavish six-star hotels and glitterati reputation, Dubai has quickly risen to fame as a tourist paradise. But now that fame might be heading towards infamy, as sewage including excrement and the contents of septic tanks has been pouring onto Dubai’s tourist-filled beaches. Doctors are warning bathers that they run the risk of contracting […]


Rishon Lezion Schools Walk for the Environment

If you live near a school, then you know what 8 am and afternoon pick up times mean for the environment.  With all of those parents driving their individual children to and from school, the carbon emissions associated with getting elementary, middle, and high school students to school can be pretty detrimental. Not only is […]


National Pollution Prevention: Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way you can raise your awareness during the US National Pollution Prevention week. Can we honestly ask others to make changes if we are not working ourselves? It’s not always easy to volunteer but there are many different levels and degrees of involvement one can take. In three easy steps you […]