Egypt Turns To Earthworms To Save Its Environment

Earthworms to the rescue! Egypt plans to use them to eat through millions of tons of organic waste each year. Waste, after corruption and smog, is probably Egypt’s number one nemesis. Everywhere one travels – even the most popular tourist spots – is overrun with organic and solid rubbish. Finally, the Ministry of Agriculture is […]


Oil Exploration In Iran’s Little Africa?

Is nothing holy anymore? The Iranian Government rubber stamps oil exploration in the country’s most important national park. The Iranian government has decided to start an oil exploration project in a national park in Kavir National Park in the Semnan province, south east of Tehran. The opponents of the project, from  the Iranian Environmental Organization, […]


Community of Angels Meets to Defeat Pulmonary Hypertension

Israeli and Turkish delegations joined European and American counterparts in Spain to draw attention to environmental factors causing a killer disease. Strengthening community will be an integral part of a sustainable future.  A “community of angels” in my notes referred to the delegates from more than 20 countries in the European Union, Israel, Turkey and […]


Who’s Going Nuclear in the Middle East?

A handy chart to plot which Middle East countries are going nuclear. Ever since oil was discovered in the Middle East around 1950 it has gas been the driving force behind the region’s transformation. But as of late a new focus has emerged based on both an ever increasing demands for electricity but also a […]


Egypt’s Long Path to Nuclear Power

US President Nixon offered to build eight nuclear power plants for Egypt during the Cold War; Matt questions whether the first such plant will finally be built by 2019? How long is its worth waiting on your country to build its first nuclear power plant? If you are Egyptian, the answer is 45 years. That […]

Israel’s Polluters Face New OECD Rules

Israel’s entry into the OECD will mean more stringent pollution standards for industries, but it comes with a cost – especially for smaller businesses Frequently people argue that it’s pointless to curb one’s personal habits when the big industries are most at fault for driving up greenhouse gas emissions. What difference does it make if […]


What Tagged Hawksbill Turtles From Qatar Tell Us

When you’re stuck in the middle of a crowded, noisy city like Cairo, where waste piles up on the side of the street, and you can’t manage to peel back what you hope is a mirage of decrepit buildings to reveal the  earth below, let the hawksbill turtle inspire you. Undisturbed by light pollution from […]


Are Sunnier (Greener) Days Ahead for Alexandria?

Despite its impressive shoreline, Alexandria – the self-proclaimed “Capital of Arab Tourism” – seems to be a city in decline. (Hint: watch out pedestrians). When the Green Prophet’s editor heard I’d be stopping in Alexandria en route to the MENASOL solar energy conference in Cairo next week, she asked (implored) me to write a post from […]