Women, Rio+20 and the Green Future of the Middle East


On Tuesday thousands of Turkish women and activists sent government ministries a petition protesting the bill proposed by the conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) that would ban abortions not taking place between the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy. Turkish law currently allows abortion until the tenth week. With dwindling environmental resources and rampant […]

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World Population Hits 7 Billion Today


The world population hits seven billion and the Middle East is playing its role with one of the fastest growing cities on earth According to UN estimates the world population will reach seven billion today. It’s a pretty big feat considering that we hit six billion a little over a decade ago and the world […]

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Cairo’s 2050 “Cleaner, Greener, Better” Plan Could Displace Thousands


Everybody wants a greener Cairo, but residents don’t trust the government’s compensation plans. The Egyptian government can’t consistently strongarm elections and beat certain citizens to death and then expect its constituents to fall down with gratitude when their first serious green plan is rolled out. Especially when thousands of people will be pushed out of […]

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