Animal Paparazzi for Jordan’s Endangered Animals

Researchers turn to high tech cameras to track sensitive animal populations in Jordan’s Dana Biosphere Nature Reserve. Using cameras equipped with ultra-violet sensors, Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) measures animal population and distribution, including female to juvenile ratios, male versus female numbers, and specific patterns of migration through the Reserve. RSCN is […]


Carmen’s Opera at Masada Leaves No Trace

Israeli Opera Festival 2012 will feature five performances of the classic opera, Carmen, June 7 to 11 at Masada. According to the Israeli Opera’s Artistic Director, Michael Ajzenstadt, 50,000 people from across Israel and all over the world are coming to experience opera at the lowest point on earth, beneath the mountain of Masada and […]


1.5 Million Liters of Jet Fuel Spills Into Israeli Desert

Jet fuel spurts into pristine nature zone in Israel. Who will pay for this unthinkable mistake? A month ago, Israeli airlines suffered from a jet fuel contamination, grounding flights, and causing chaos as officials tried to figure out if planes loaded with the contaminated fuel would be damaged. This past Wednesday, there is another chapter […]


Israel Fire Update: 42 Killed, Beit Oren Village Wiped Out

Israel may lose one of its most precious nature reserves to wildfire ripping through the Carmel Mountains, killing people, animals and trees. “We have completely lost control of the fire,” Hezi Levy, a spokesman for the firefighting service in Haifa told Globes business newspaper an hour ago, speaking of the fire currently destroying a nature […]