If you think the Middle East is dramatic now, 2000 years ago it was a telenovela


The relations between the Herodian Kingdom and the Nabatean Kingdom were very complex and involved political, economic and marriage ties. Through the institution of marriage with local dynasties, Herodians consolidated power in the southern Levant and later became Rome’s client state. Intermarriage between religious groups was not uncommon, people were open-minded, until they were not. Here’s […]

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Spencer Tunick and Israel’s Tent Protest Leader Team up For Dead Sea


Renowned nude photographer Spencer Tunick and Daphne Leef, the leader of last year’s tent protests in Tel Aviv, are teaming up to promote creative social activism in Israel. In support of Save our Sea, a grassroots organization that strives to raise awareness of the Dead Sea’s declining ecological health, the pair have organized an overnight […]

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