Lost In Translation Middle East Style

As America hunts for clues on the Boston Bomber suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Laurie goes on with life and looks to the follies of communication in the Middle East.  Communication is key to everything. Every driver knows that intersections are risky, but the crossroad of language and culture is especially prone to accidents.  Need proof? I pick […]


Hebrew Roots of 10 English Words

Grow up near New York City, you’re forgiven for thinking that every mensch makes with the Yiddish.  Green Prophet informs you about enviro-issues, sheds light on other cultures, and keeps you hip to current green building news. Our effectiveness comes down to making nice with the words – like sustainability.  Words help us hop cultural fences.  Look to […]


The Arabic Roots of 10 English Words

Did you realize you speak some Arabic?  An estimated 175 million native Arabic speakers make it the sixth most-spoken language. As we draw connections between environmental actions in the east and west, let’s look at how some commonalities in language are shared by these cultures. It’s natural that, over time, some words slide across linguistic […]


New English-Arabic Dictionary of Environmental Terms

A useful new resource for eco-writers in the Middle East, now online. Eco-English vocabulary is hard enough to work with. And for the narrow niche of writers working with Arabic, English, and ecological issues, the search for that appropriate word can get  frustrating. But relief is in sight. Researcher Moshe Terdamana has published the dictionary […]