Hasadna Design Workshop Does Upcycled Chandeliers With an Ice Cream Party


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!  (And upcycled ice cream spoon chandeliers.) Upcycled design (especially the fun kind) is definitely worthy of celebration, and all the more so with quality ice cream.  Jaffa-based upcycling design workshop Hasadna (Hebrew for “workshop”) celebrated and re-launched its line of plastic spoon chandeliers this week […]

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Fashion Contest Inspired by the Sea of Galilee


Israeli fashion show attempts to go “au naturale” with a natural-landmark-themed garment contest. Fashion and the natural world don’t always go hand in hand (unless you’re lucky enough to come across some whimsical banana-shaped pumps by designers such as Kobi Levi).  Usually haute couture is the anti-natural, with silhouettes that combat the shapes that we […]

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At Collecteco Gallery, Each Piece Tells an Ecological and Design Story


Collecteco gallery displays an impressive collection of eco design and art in central Israel. Green Prophet has witnessed the occurrence of several environmentally-themed exhibitions in Israel over the past few years.  Most recently, Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard was taken over by designs of green futuristic homes, but in the past the city has also witnessed […]

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Merav Feiglin Opens Her Studio As Part of Emek Hefer’s “Open Houses” Festival


Check out Merav Feiglin’s Trashlights, mosaics, and other recycled material artwork between August 25th-27th. When Tel Aviv does something, sooner or later everyone else wants to do it too. For years Tel Aviv has devoted one weekend a year to celebrating its architecture, putting on a “Houses from Within” festival.  (In recent years the festival […]

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Yael Uriely Shows Us That Good Things Come in Upcycled Shapes, Colors and Sizes


Yael Uriely’s Dvarim Tovim (or “Good Things”) fabric jewelry line is made of vintage and upcycled materials. Good things don’t always come in shiny, new, plastic packages.  Sometimes, according to Yael Uriely, they come in upcycled, vintage packages that bring us back to previous eras revisited.  Yael’s line of fabric jewelry, Dvarim Tovim (Good Things) […]

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Cygalle Shapiro Creates LED Lamp Powered Organically… By Tomatoes


Israel-based design team creates an LED lamp packed with Lycopene and powered completely by tomatoes.  Yum. When it comes to energy-saving and eco-friendly design, we’ve seen some pretty nutso stuff already on Green Prophet.  We’ve salivated over Hasadna’s ice cream spoon chandeliers, envied Merav Feiglin’s TrashLights, been impressed by Studio Mesila’s upcycled wood laminate lamps, […]

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PopLove Designs Brings Upcycled Eco Chic Fashion to Tel Aviv (and the Whole Wide World)


We’ve heard about H&M’s imported influx of sustainable fashion, and now onto to local eco-friendly clothing design: PopLove Designs. A design label that produces men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and housewares, PopLove describes its mission as “creating fabulous products with minimal harm to the surrounding world.” Its founders, Andrea Hughes and Shai Wallach, both […]

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Uber-Designed Kindergarten Provides Beautiful Environment, but not a Sustainable Environment


A beautiful, uber-designed kindergarten was recently completed in Ramat Hasharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv in Israel.  A collaboration of Sarit Shani Hay (who makes unique toys, children’s furnishings, and textiles) and Lev-Gargir architects, the design philosophy for the space was that “the environment children grow up in strongly reflects how their sensibilities develop and […]

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Dria Peterson's Handmade Creations, Born From a Geneology of Vegetarianism and Recycling


It’s not every day that you come across something called a “Feminist Woman Eco Art Doll” – whether you’re looking on Etsy or elsewhere.  But for Dria Peterson, its creator, it is only natural. Because why wouldn’t you make new things out of recycled and vintage fabrics, and reclaimed handspun sheep’s wool?  Oh, and did […]

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Limor Matityahoo Thinks the Sky Is the LIMITZ For Designer Recycled Products


Tel Aviv based designer, Limor Matityahoo, has been involved with crafts for as long as she can remember.  Among her many skills, Limor is a textile designer, a makeup artist, a cake decorator, and an interactive product manager.  Most recently her curiosity, playfulness and skill have brought her to upcycled and recycled crafts made from […]

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Krooom Makes Recycled and Recyclable Cardboard Furniture For Kids of All Ages


[/caption] Here on Green Prophet we love to hear about green design.  In the world of green furniture design we’ve already covered Green Lullaby, which makes cribs, doll houses and doll cradles for kids out of recycled cardboard paper.  But now there’s a new recycled cardboard furniture design company in town and they’re making furniture […]

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White Trash, An Ecological Group Exhibition, Opens in Tel Aviv Next Week


Inbal Limor, an Israeli artist whose artistic plastic bag creations and puppets we’ve already covered on Green Prophet, is devoted to using her art to promote environmental awareness.  And this time she’s going bigger, joining forces with other artists who have a similar mission. Together with Amanda Mehl and Shameless, Inbal has initiated and curated […]

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Sustainable Design Seminar Starting at the Israeli Design Center Next Week


Sustainable design is popping up all over Israel, and we’ve tried to cover as many of these designers as possible.  Our survey of ten sustainable Israeli designers who reduce, reuse, and recycle covers tons of green, innovative, and aesthetic projects ranging from rubber tire handbags (that are surprisingly chic) to old suitcases-turned-shelving units. So we […]

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