14 Animal-Free Foods That Are Not Vegetarian

Last night at dinner, two seasoned lacto-vegetarians exchanged an ingredient slap-down about seemingly animal-free foods that really aren’t. My friends talk endlessly about vegetarianism. They can be evangelical, comical and tedious. Don’t hear me wrong.  I’m omnivorous, but eat mostly plants. I love eating and I love eating with friends, but I hate talking about […]


Quinoa and its dirty secret to local societies

Quinoa is a healthy superfood filling up kitchen cupboards of ethical and vegetarian eaters, but quinoa comes at a high price for those in Peru and Bolivia, If you’re a vegan or vegetarian or someone who is just trying to eat a little more consciously, you know that shopping can be something of a nightmare. […]


5 Tips To End Food Waste This Ramadan

The level of food waste occurring during the holy Muslim month of fasting goes against the very spirit of Ramadan A couple of days ago, I attended a small communal iftar at a local mosque where I broke my 18-hour fast with some rice, salad and dates. Although there was plenty of food, the organisers […]


Israeli Chef Yotam Ottolenghi Brings Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine to London

[youtube][/youtube] “Vegetarian option” doesn’t have to be a dirty word when using one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s luscious Mediterranean vegetarian recipes. For a nation most culinarily associated with fish and chips or shepherd’s pie, a vegetarian food option may not be the most appealing to the English.  British-born celebs such as Paul McCartney might be promoting […]


Organic Farming On the Rise In Emirates

Since 2007, land dedicated to organic greenhouse farming across the United Arab Emirates has increased by 15 percent Despite some debate over the carbon-footprint of locally grown food when using desalinated water, it is widely accepted that growing your own food locally is better and greener than shipping it in from all corners of the […]


Cook Persian Fish Stew

White fish stew is a healthier variation of meat stew and very tasty when treated Persian-style! There are all kinds of delicious Middle East recipes to choose from on Green Prophet, but not so many from the Persian kitchen. Guest blogger Dave Bishop sent this in and we just had to share. A true Iranian delicacy, […]


3 Wild Edibles And How to Eat Them

Miriam suggests ways to cook free wind-sown vegetables. At this time of year, you may find free vegetables growing in your own backyard (like Karin did), or in your windowbox. Springing up from wind-sown seeds and roots that slept underground through last summer, the newly green landscape is actually full of green vegetables. The first […]


Kochhaus sells portion sizes to match meals

Far better than Kraft, Kochhaus sells recipes and meals with the right amount of ingredients. Before the meal kit services of Plated, Blue Apron and HelloFresh, we profiled big brother technology conceived by Kraft and Intel that can read a customer’s face and spit out some horrific recipe idea that the customer will then blindly […]


Amateur Cooks Sell Food To The Neighborhood

Chefs without borders: now anyone can cook for the crowds. What if we told you that there is a way, if you’re as industrious as the Dutch founders of a website called Tweetjemee, to buy meals from your neighbors? Frankly, if such a service existed I’d harass Miriam every day for her spinach and mushroom […]