Wind Turbines and 10 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of May 2, 2010

Israel’s wind plan, SolarEdge’s Italian partnership, drip irrigation and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech this past week. During the week of May 2, 2010, SolarEdge announced that it’s expanding its operations to Italy in partnership with Albatech. Discussion of the impact Israeli drip technology can have in ending Africa’s hunger cycles continued and Israel […]


SolarEdge and Flextronics Create Solar Energy Products – and Jobs

Israeli startup SolarEdge partners with NASDAQ-traded Flextronics (FLEX) to ramp up solar energy harvesting systems. Solar energy projects in Israel’s northern sectors are sure to get a boost from a signed agreement between SolarEdge Technologies Ltd and   Flextronics Inc to produce  systems for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic panels at Flextronics’ plant in Migdal Ha’Emek […]


Better Place Electric Car Gets Investment Fuel of $350 Million Led by HBSC

Better Place’s financial batteries get “supersharged” with a massive $350 million investment. If you’ve been following clean tech news, you’ll know that Shai Agassi’s Better Place electric car development company has received a substantial “charge” for its financial batteries by receiving funding of $350 million. The investment comes by way of a consortium of investors that […]


"Cooperative for Renewable Energy" Invests in Clean Energy and Community in Israel

In Israel, kibbutzim (once-socialist agricultural collectives) have risen as a hotbed of environmental activity.  Green Prophet has covered Kibbutz Ein Shemer, which holds environmental education seminars in their state-of-the-art greenhouse, and Kibbutz Lotan, which hosts the Center for Creative Ecology, just as a few of many examples. Although not physically based on a kibbutz, the […]


Oil Sands Are Trying to Clean up a Dirty Business

The Alberta oil sands, or tar sands as some people call them, are top on the list of Greenpeace’s agenda. The same people who climb trees to stop loggers from chopping down Old Growth forests, are looking to stop the oil extraction operations in the Canadian province. The oil is located under Boreal forest, and […]


The Israeli Clean Energy Forum Launched Yesterday

How will government decisions convert vision to reality? Through the Israeli Clean Energy Forum, launched yesterday by Israeli politicians, industrialists, investors and lawyers. According to the Jerusalem Post, the new forum brings together many of the big guns in the environmental business world in Israel, such as the former director-general of the National Infrastructures Ministry […]


Dow Licenses BioPetroClean's Tech To Gobble Up Oil In Wastewater

Even the CEO was initially skeptical about BioPetroClean’s simple and effective solution for cleaning up industrial wastewater, but it works; and now Dow Chemicals is onboard. The idea that microscopic bacteria could cheaply and efficiently cleanse oceans of industrial wastewater may seem far-fetched. But it is just this premise that launched BioPetroClean, a Texas-based cleantech […]


Tigo Solar Energy Secures A $10 Million Investment

Following in the wake of a group of clean tech investors from California in Israel last week, Tigo Energy, a solar energy company in Israel raises $10m without even trying, according to Globes. Tigo develops photovoltaic systems optimization solutions, squeezing more energy from your solar energy system; and the financing was secured by Israel Cleantech […]