Make Greener Teens Through Composting

Composting with your teens in an educational family project. Waste not, want not is something that can be taught by making compost. I’ve confess I’ve never much cared whether my vegetables are organic or bought at the neighborhood supermarket. I’ve always thought that the term “organic” is just a marketing ploy targeting a particular group […]


Recycle Dryer Lint Into Modelling Clay

When you need to use the dryer, make modelling clay out of your dryer lint. Dryer lint exists in endless supplies in some households and can be put to good use. Of course hanging your laundry outside is the most green option, but when you can’t we have some solutions for the lint. For years, […]


Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt

Teach your child individual responsibility giving them a patch of “earth”. I am not by nature a whole-wheat, Earth Mother, organic fabric, cloth diaper kind of person. I love to consume and I have a taste for the good life. I would rather wear designer clothes and own a Lexus than grow my hair long, […]


A Mother’s Voice Can Make Greener Children

Hearing voices? Guest poster Varda offers 4 ways a mother can help “green” her children. My mother’s voice accompanies me throughout the day, as I go about the act of living my life. Yes. I’ll admit it: I hear voices. If I need half a carrot for a recipe, my mother’s voice tells me to […]