Let’s get a horsemeat burger

The British fast-food chain hid up to 30%  horse meat in its juicy burgers, then denied it. The British, most of whom regard eating horse as something like eating dogs, were rocked by the news that the burgers they loved were filled out with cheap horse meat. Burger King’s supplier in Ireland, ABP/Silvercrest, supplied the […]


Squirming Worms Found In Sharjah Easter Egg

Indianmeal moth larvae are frequently described as “worms” found in pantries and grocery stores. Biting into a chocolate Easter egg full of squiggly insects is high on the list of experiences no consumer ever wants to have. Sharjah Municipality in the United Arab Emirates recently responded to a consumer complaint that an Easter egg purchased […]


Arugula Samples In Dubai More Contaminated Than A Toilet

Samples taken from arugula in 64 different stores literally contained million of E. coli bacteria. Although fledgling, Dubai’s organic farming is growing, and Yael Mejia with Dubai’s Baker and Spice is doing her part to help that along. Though critics question the wisdom of using desalinated water for farming, the water-strapped Emirates don’t really have […]