Tire Fire In Kuwait Seen From Space


A fire which broke out in a Kuwaiti tire dump last week could be seen from space Kuwait hardly has a green reputation (in fact, it’s been pretty obstructive in global efforts to set emission targets) but recent events have definitely undermined what left of its eco credentials. As well as shocking stories of animal […]

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Greenpeace Responds to Israel Carmel Fire and States “Climate Changes are Already Here”


Greenpeace Israel responds to the Carmel fire by stating that “climate changes are already here and taking a heavy toll.” The fire in Israel’s Carmel region has eaten away at 5000 hectares of forest land and countless trees this week.  It has been the worst fire to take place in Israel’s national history, and has […]

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World Watches Israel While Prayers Douse 120 Unsung Lebanese Fires


International media diverted all of their attention to Israel as it fought fire all weekend. But hardly anyone noticed Lebanon had 120 separate fires blazing through the countryside. While the world watched Israel pull in every resource available to fight the dreadful Carmel fire that swallowed half of the country’s most important forest, Lebanon was […]

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