Turks Alarmed Over Nickel Heap Leach Dumps


Heap leaching or dump leaching extracts nickel using a very toxic process. Turkish environmental groups are calling for increased awareness against toxic waste dumping like that in Lebanon.  Toxic dumping is taking place in the Caldag region, about 60 km east of Izmir, where a mining concession was given to a UK mining company, Sardes […]

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Despite Toxins in Soil, Construction Approved for Former Jerusalem Munitions Factory Site


Beit Hakerem, an upscale “green” Jerusalem Neighborhood may not be so green underground due to solvents contamination. Israel’s soil and ground water is constantly being threatened  by a number of different kinds of pollution. This pollution is caused by oil and gasoline leakage from gas stations and oil storage depots, and by large garbage landfill […]

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Mohamed Kassas: Egypt’s Prophet Of Desertification


Professor Mohammed Kassas in his office at Cairo University, photographed by Louise Sarant If Hassan Fathy is the Middle East’s father of sustainable architecture, then Mohamed Kassas is the prophet of desertification. The spry ninety year old Egyptian Professor of Botany told Almasry Alyoum that his love of nature sprouted in a fishing village along the […]

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Hydropower Could Meet More Of Turkey’s Energy Demand — But At What Cost?


A planned dam in southeastern Turkey would submerge Hasankeyf’s 10,000-year-old cultural relics and displace 50,000 people from the region. How many kilowatt hours is that worth? Electric energy demand in Turkey is projected to more than double over the next decade, to approximately 450 billlion kilowatt-hours. Traditional sources of power, such as coal- and natural […]

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Fighting ‘Ecocide’: Interview With Environmental Lawyer Polly Higgins


Arwa speaks to environmental lawyer Polly Higgins about ‘Ecocide’, corporate eco-destruction, water scarcity and why we shouldn’t give up on climate summits just yet Polly Higgins is a lawyer on a mission to bring serious environmental destruction to an end. Whilst this may seem ambitious, she insists that using the legal system to outlaw environmental […]

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Will Israel’s Undersea Gas Pipeline Idea Increase the Mediterranean’s Already Polluted State?


Natural gas fields off Israel’s coast. A submerged gas pipeline to Greece will be even more ecologically problematic. Israel is considering a plan to build an underwater natural gas pipeline to Europe as a way to transport gas being drilled from offshore wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The plan, as reported August 30 in Globes, […]

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