Massachusetts Governor Firms Up Ties With Israel’s Cleantech Superpowers


Governor Deval Patrick tour through Israel and the UK is aimed at fostering stronger “green” partnerships. During a ten day trip that commenced in Israel on March 7th, delegates of The Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 are meeting with Israeli and UK business leaders and government officials. The focus of these meetings will be on expanding […]

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Keeping Buildings Pearly Green From Design To Operation


Irina Forster is one of  186 new professionals qualified to oversee building projects according to the Estidama Pearl Rating system. Rola questions – with good reason – whether Arab governments are sincere about sustainability. While certain of them such as Qatar and Abu Dhabi are making some effort to reconcile their fossil addiction, others continue to […]

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Dubai Utility Doubles Business Electricity Rates in Three Years


You wouldn’t want to be responsible for keeping the lights on in buildings like these! In an attempt to reign in Dubai’s profligate fossil energy use, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has sharply raised rates for business customers who have failed to reduce their electricity consumption since 2008, Utilities-ME is reporting. Starting in January […]

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California’s Hara Could Cut a Staggering 12 Terawatt Hours of Energy Waste in Abu Dhabi


CA’s software solution, Hara, could to save billions in energy for Abu Dhabi. The national power company in Abu Dhabi has committed to find ways to drastically slash its energy use, using carbon accounting software made by California-based carbon accounting firm Hara, which makes software to measure existing energy use and carbon footprint, and to […]

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8 Tips For Energy Efficiency “Miracle” This Hanukkah [SLIDESHOW]


Celebrate the Hanukkah holiday by creating your own energy efficiency miracles! Among other things, the upcoming Jewish holiday of Hanukkah celebrates the fact that a one-day supply of oil miraculously lasted for eight days and nights. Jews all over the world observe the holiday by lighting candles in a menorah (or candelabra) for eight days. […]

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Imagine H2O Contest Looking For The Most Promising Water Startups


Imagine H20 is offering $100,000 to the startup with the most promising efficient water treatment technology. Imagine H2O, an organization dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s water problems through an annual contest, recently launched its second annual water competition. Focused on the water-energy nexus this year, the competition is open to startups throughout the […]

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General Electric CEO’s Incomplete Blueprint For MENA’s Future


GE’s Nabil Habayeb connects growth and sustainability without a second thought. Is that still the best model? General Electric has long maintained a presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In addition to setting up an Ecomagination headquarters at Masdar City, GE has recently helped connect Turkey’s electricity backbone to Europe through smart […]

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A Solar Panel That Washes Itself


TAU’s nanosized “forest of peptides” can be used as the basis for self-cleaning windows and more efficient batteries. It’s cleaning up space junk, and is giving us lab-on-chip biofilters for detecting contamination. Now nanotechnology has produced a coating for windows or solar panels that repels grime and dirt. Expanded battery storage capacities for the next […]

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SolarEdge Plans Holistic Approach to Solar Energy Efficiency


With a $23 million investment, SolarEdge takes PV systems to the next level of efficiency. GE just invested in them. Now, Guy Sella, founder and CEO of Israeli company SolarEdge, is planning a revolution. Don’t be alarmed though, this one isn’t dangerous. His goal is to transform the way photovoltaic systems are now operated, in […]

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Ormat's Opti Takes On Oil Sands In Alberta, A Dirty Deed For The Company's "Clean" Image


  Israel’s ORMAT Industries Ltd  (NASDAQ:ORA) has joined with its subsidiary Opti Canada Inc (TSE:OPC) in a project in extract and produce a high grade of petroleum from oil sands located in northern Alberta Canada. ORMAT is  a world leader in producing  energy from unconventional sources, including geo-thermal energy from volcanoes and hot springs under the […]

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PowerSines Saves On Industrial-Scale Lighting Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


If the Swiss do business with them, they must be doing something right, reasons Eran Tagor, CEO of PowerSines. Founded in 1980 it’s doing more than impressing the discriminating Swiss. With a staff of 55, the company supplies two main products to municipalities and businesses across the globe: the LEC (Lighting Efficient Controller) for retail […]

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Tigo Energy's Solar Solution Monitors Power From The Sun


Tigo Energy’s inside the box thinking, optimizes solar power plant output Despite the cutting-edge science invested in solar energy, some aspects of the industry lag behind, explains Jeffrey Krisa, VP of marketing and sales for Tigo Energy. And that’s just where his company comes in. Since 2007 it has raised $17 million, and Tigo Energy is […]

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Hugo Tour Fires Up the "Tour Engine" Between Cycles of Hot and Cold


After 30 years spent servicing Israel’s military aircraft, engineer Hugo Tour decided to redesign a car’s internal combustion engine to make it twice as efficient. Hugo Tour spent more than 30 years servicing Israel’s high profile military aircraft and helicopters – and advising the US Air Force, too – about what went wrong when military […]

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Voltaire's Switching Computers Onto Green Power


Computers need resources. Whether it’s logging on at work, sending Tweets from the train station or powering big laboratory ideas, firing up all those communications devices requires juice. In the language of “green,” energy savings equal increased efficiency, and efficiency means less carbon-based pollution. Israel’s Voltaire works with the top companies in the business, such […]

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Watt-O-Meter Helps Israelis Figure Out What's What With Their Electricity Consumption

Do you know how much energy is required to power the computer that you’re reading this on?  How about the light above you?  The air conditioning?  And do you know which one is the worst offender in terms of electricity consumption?  When you don’t know how much energy you’re using, it’s easy to forget about […]

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Shut Down the New Coal-Fired Power Plants, Says Israel's New Environment Minister


Israel has a new government, and this also means a new environment minister. The new one, Gilad Erdan actually sounds like he’s learned something about the environment before taking on the post. The hot news is that he has applied to Israel’s Acting Government Secretary to convene an emergency government session to discuss his demand […]

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