How Math Can Make Greener Cities

Climatology models applied to urban planning could yield greener cities. If you have ever walked down the street in a city full of high rises and felt a sudden blast of cold air, or witnessed a swirling mass of dried leaves, chances are you experienced an artificial microclimate created by the surrounding buildings. It turns […]


Foster + Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building In Morocco

This beautiful dome-building from Foster & Partners is the first building the firm has completed in Africa. We haven’t always loved Foster & Partners developments in the Middle East. Although they are visually spectacular, we often wonder at the true sustainability of buildings that cost millions of dollars to construct. But the first of three […]

Lights Out During Earth Hour 2011 in Israel this Week

20 Israeli cities will be participating in this year’s annual lights-out Earth Hour. Following an initiative that began in Australia in 2007, Israeli cities (spearheaded by Tel Aviv) have observed Earth Hour for the past few years.  Earth Hour is a global movement that urges individuals, businesses and governments to support action on climate change […]


Massachusetts Governor Firms Up Ties With Israel’s Cleantech Superpowers

Governor Deval Patrick tour through Israel and the UK is aimed at fostering stronger “green” partnerships. During a ten day trip that commenced in Israel on March 7th, delegates of The Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 are meeting with Israeli and UK business leaders and government officials. The focus of these meetings will be on expanding […]


Keeping Buildings Pearly Green From Design To Operation

Irina Forster is one of  186 new professionals qualified to oversee building projects according to the Estidama Pearl Rating system. Rola questions – with good reason – whether Arab governments are sincere about sustainability. While certain of them such as Qatar and Abu Dhabi are making some effort to reconcile their fossil addiction, others continue to […]


A Mother’s Voice Can Make Greener Children

Hearing voices? Guest poster Varda offers 4 ways a mother can help “green” her children. My mother’s voice accompanies me throughout the day, as I go about the act of living my life. Yes. I’ll admit it: I hear voices. If I need half a carrot for a recipe, my mother’s voice tells me to […]


Imagine H2O Contest Looking For The Most Promising Water Startups

Imagine H20 is offering $100,000 to the startup with the most promising efficient water treatment technology. Imagine H2O, an organization dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s water problems through an annual contest, recently launched its second annual water competition. Focused on the water-energy nexus this year, the competition is open to startups throughout the […]


A Solar Panel That Washes Itself

TAU’s nanosized “forest of peptides” can be used as the basis for self-cleaning windows and more efficient batteries. It’s cleaning up space junk, and is giving us lab-on-chip biofilters for detecting contamination. Now nanotechnology has produced a coating for windows or solar panels that repels grime and dirt. Expanded battery storage capacities for the next […]