Build Next Year’s Sukkah With Hybrid Bamboo (aka Solar Schach)


Is taking down this year’s sukkah already getting you thinking about next year’s? Have the end of the Jewish holidays, return to work, and impending cold weather got you down?  Fantasizing about next year’s warm evenings spent inside an outdoor sukkah (or temporary booth) might help fight that feeling.  This year’s much-publicized Sukkah City design […]

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At Collecteco Gallery, Each Piece Tells an Ecological and Design Story


Collecteco gallery displays an impressive collection of eco design and art in central Israel. Green Prophet has witnessed the occurrence of several environmentally-themed exhibitions in Israel over the past few years.  Most recently, Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard was taken over by designs of green futuristic homes, but in the past the city has also witnessed […]

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Interview with Egyptian Eco-Fashion Designer Nadia Nour


Since her launch in 2008, Egyptian fashion designer Nadia Nour has been wowing fashionistas with her elegantly glamorous and individual fashion range which also happen to be environmentally-friendly. Graduating with a degree in Fashion and Philosophy, it’s seems that Nadia Nour was destined to create an ethical fashion range that gracefully combines her love for […]

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White Trash, An Ecological Group Exhibition, Opens in Tel Aviv Next Week


Inbal Limor, an Israeli artist whose artistic plastic bag creations and puppets we’ve already covered on Green Prophet, is devoted to using her art to promote environmental awareness.  And this time she’s going bigger, joining forces with other artists who have a similar mission. Together with Amanda Mehl and Shameless, Inbal has initiated and curated […]

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"Waste Lb" Design Company Encourages Lebanese to Waste Fewer Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are evil.  They are not biodegradable, pollute our landfills, pollute our waterways, convince fish and ducks that they’re food… it’s pretty well established that they’re just bad news.  While activists encourage consumers to try using fewer bags, or sometimes try to ban the use of plastic bags entirely, the truth is that these […]

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Green Lullaby Makes Recycled Dollhouses and Doll Cradles


Ecomum has already sung the praises of Israeli company Green Lullaby’s cardboard-made EcoCradle.  Made completely out of corrugated cardboard, this lightweight and easily assemblable cradle is a great eco friendly alternative to new, shiny wood or metal cribs and can be used for a baby’s first few months.  EcoCradles are completely recyclable, made mostly from […]

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The Israeli Forum For Ecological Art celebrates ten years activity

The Israeli Forum For Ecological Art is an active (non-profit) body, which voices its views regarding environmental issues and acts toward promoting individual and group projects of artists and scientists while drawing the attention to any issue pertaining to ecology and the environment. Eco-design which is still a trend in 2009 includes both art and […]

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NewDealDesign’s Gadi Amit Designs Charge Spots For Better Place Electric Cars


A little industrial design can make a product go a long way. Take the design of Apple computers, iPhones and accessories. Discriminating consumers often purchase these products for the “look and feel” and not necessarily the technology that makes them tick. With experience working for the US-based frogdesign firm, and now major clients, some looking […]

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Israeli Company Spotless Creates Sustainable Advertising For Roads


Usually the advertising industry is not considered to be a very ecological industry. Think about  the amount of useless junk mail you get to your mailbox each day wasting tons of paper which most of it won’t be recycled. Think of all the huge advertising billboard posters on highways. Now think Eco-design. And specifically urban design. There are […]

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Buy Big


More often than not the bigger package is the better deal. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself. Even in Israel where it is harder to find the “supersavings” in a regular supermarket the bigger package will more likely give you bigger bang for your buck. The eco-benefit is that you’ll be saving on packaging as […]

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Enlightenment by Arik Levy: Our Future's So Bright, Green and Beautiful


Forget the eco-friendly lightbulbs. Arik Levy’s got a new solution: Teaming up with couture lighting company Saazs and other noted designers, the invention is light-emitting glass plates. Apparently something called “planilum technology”, which sounds like its straight from a work of science fiction or comic book, enables the glass itself to emit light. And cutting-edge […]

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