Jordan gets its first craft brewery, causing ire among Muslim clerics


If you’ve ever visited a Middle Eastern country, one noticeable difference to Europe is restriction on alcohol. Muslims are not allowed to drink according to scripture (read why Muslims don’t drink here) so depending on the ruling government, access to alcohol may be restricted to your local hotel or nearby speakeasies (big in Iran) or it […]

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Tel Aviv’s Dancing Camel Brewery Holding a Fundraiser for the Zalul Environmental Association


Dancing Camel, one of Tel Aviv’s great small, local breweries, makes absolutely delicious beer. From Pomegranate Ale to Cherry Vanilla Stout… they know what they’re doing.  Coming from a female non-beer drinker, you can take my word for it.  I would never drink the stuff unless it was good. They offer a great local product […]

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