Israel's Best and Brightest Debate Climate Policy

What will Israel do if the Nile Delta becomes submerged from climate change? Brainstorming at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop today at Ben-Gurion University. (Image courtesy of Ophir Shoham) In his opening remarks at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop at Ben-Gurion University today, Prof. Alon Tal, one of Israel’s most revered environmentalists, referred […]


TransAlgae Seeds A Need For Green Feed

The algae for biofuel company TransAlgae is developing a new superbreed of algae for biofuels that is more resistant to the pests and the diseases that plague algae producers today. New varieties of wheat, oats and barley are constantly being produced to meet the world’s demands for grains that can grow faster, be hardier and […]


Israel Plans Wind-Powered Lighting for Coastal Highway, Takes Initial Step to Buttress Shoreline Cliffs

Israel’s cabinet has approved recommendations for preventing the further erosion of coastline cliffs. The Israel National Roads Company  is preparing to publish tenders for the supply, installation and maintenance of wind turbines to generate electricity for highway lighting. According to the Globes business daily, the CFO of Israel National Roads Co., Shay Yiftach, explained at […]


Zapping the "Bugs" Out of Water With UV Light

Fair is foul, but foul is not fair. A new technique for cleaning water using UV light. Does your drinking water smell foul, or are you worried that chemicals might be damaging your family’s health? Water treatment facilities currently use chlorine that produces carcinogenic by-products to keep your tapwater clean, but Tel Aviv University scientists […]


Brazil and Israel to Collaborate on Water

They’ve tried the peeing in the shower campaign. Now Brazil looks to Israel for water technologies. Can we hope for a Gisele Bundchen (above in water dress)/Bar Rafaeli poster campaign? Water-rich Brazil and water-poor Israel have found that they’re a good fit, with each country’s handicaps and blessings contributing to the cooperation between them. The […]


Biofuel Project for Qatar Airways and Airbus

Will Qatar’s air buses be biofueled? The Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar, together with Qatar Airways, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Petroleum Company have started a new biofuel project to power commercial airliners, including large ones such as Airbus. As noted in a Gulf Times article, along with Qatar’s own air transport and technology concerns, […]