5 Must-See Green & Tech Travel Stops at Israeli Kibbutzes

In past Green Prophet articles, we’ve visted Kibbutzes in Israel’s Negev region — ones involved in environmental and renewable energy projects. Negev’s Arava- Arabah in Arabic –  region north of Eilat) we take you on a journey visiting 5 of them. While some of these are specializing in one type of project, like solar energy, others […]


Israel Cleantech Ventures and Capricorn Invest in Green Flame Retardants

Israel Cleantech Ventures and Capricorn Venture Partners announced today that they have invested $6 million in FRX Polymers, the manufacturer of a new, environmentally friendly family of inherently flame retardant plastics. FRX’s products are finding markets as polymeric flame retardant additives and as “stand-alone” inherently flame retardant engineering plastics. FRX Polymers is currently in the […]


N-Viro International Smells Lucrative Sewage Sludge in the Center of Israel

Dan region’s sewage sludge smells like an appetizing business venture for N-Viro International. The Ohio-based environmental and materials operating company, which pioneered the conversion of sewage sludge  into commercial soil fertility products, is expected to open a new N-Viro Soil manufacturing facility to serve Israel’s Greater Tel Aviv region by the end of this year.


CartaSense Keeps A Tab On Pigs With A Chip

With today’s factory farming methods blamed by many as the cause of outbreaks like the swine flu epidemic now infecting people globally, it’s no surprise that interest in Israeli start-up CartaSense is running so high. The company has created technology that can pinpoint a sick pig or cow in real-time, and help the farmer isolate […]


Atlantium Purifies Water Without Chemicals

Purifying water for use in the food and beverage industry, aquaculture, and the dairy industry is becoming an increasing problem due to pollution and an overall scarcity of available fresh water. Taking this problem in mind, an Israeli company, Atlantium, began operations in 2003 to find solutions to water purification for these industries without the […]


How Terra Venture Partners Accelerate Clean Technology

There are numerous start-up companies in Israel today, but finding investors to fund the new technology is often a challenge. In the field of Greentech, Terra Venture Partners (TVC) has made it their objective to fund and invest in promising seed and early-stage start-ups led by top entrepreneurs in energy, water and other environmental sectors. […]


Solar Energy is Israel's Best Energy Bet

Israel is one of the leading countries involved in a number of alternative and renewable energy projects, which even include making bio fuels from algae and splitting hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water to produce hydrogen fuel, one of most abundant fuel sources in the universe.  But despite these and other methods o f producing energy […]


Israel and China and clean tech

It’s always been natural for Israel to look to the West or Europe to capitalize on its clean technologies, through sales or investments. Recognizing the growing potential to the East, Israel recently launched a consulate general in the Guangzhou province of South China, the economic powerhouse of China. Avraham Nir from Israel who will open […]


No More Crying Over Spilt Milk With AfiMilk

Israeli company AfiMilk has developed a new meter that can monitor milk production in real time and online, giving dairy farmers critical information about possible contamination to milk supplies.  Normally farmers would take a sample of milk from “each cow, once a month, and send that sample to the lab,” says Noa Yonish, the marcom […]