Giant disco ball is plummeting back to Earth

Dust off old Donna Summer albums and celebrate the premature return of New Zealand’s giant “disco ball” satellite as it drops down to Earth from outer space.  Just like the Age of Disco, it will completely disintegrate, leaving only groovy memories. The Humanity Star is a reflective satellite launched in January by Rocket Lab, a […]


Millions of newborn stars discovered

“My God, it’s full of stars!” Fans of Arthur C. Clarke’s classic science fiction novel 2001 A Space Odyssey might recognize these as the words of astronaut David Bowman, awestruck by revelations of the deep mysteries of space. A team of astronomers from Tel Aviv University and UCLA discovered more than a million newborn stars […]


10 Smartphone Apps to Green Up 2013

Did December gifting or a year-end bonus put a new smartphone in your hand?  Check out ten mostly-free apps that will help you live healthier, smarter and more sustainably in 2013. Call It Quits is for smokers wishing to quit and quitters who could use some added support.  It provides cessation tips, motivations and coaching […]


A Planetary Conjunction With Giza’s Pyramids

A beautiful image is making the rounds on social networks and news websites.  It shows three bright planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn with each poised directly over one of the three pyramids at Giza Egypt.  According to the story, this conjunction will occur on December 3, 2012 for the first time in  2737 years. Skeptics […]


Supermoon Images From Around the World

The full “supermoon” peers out from behind the US Capitol building in Washington DC; taken by @quinalty. People around the world flocked to catch a glimpse of the spectacular “supermoon” that lit up the night sky on Saturday. At roughly 11.34 pm EDT on 5 May, 2012 the moon passed its perigree – the closest point to […]