Green Drinks TLV Returns Starting Tomorrow

The international green networking phenomenon, Green Drinks, re-opens its Tel Aviv chapter. After a great start and a long “holiday” Green Drinks Tel Aviv has kick-started again. This time organizers hope to make it a regular monthly event. Rather than at a bar, this time Green Drinks will be at LovEat Cafe in south Tel […]


"Hope Tree" of Bottles for the Sea of Galilee

A “Hope Tree” planted outside Sea of Galilee incites eco-awareness in Israeli kids and public. Israel’s only freshwater body of water, the Sea of Galilee (known locally as the Kinneret) is about the only thing every Israeli can agree needs to be repaired. Every year the water line sinks lower and lower, as more water […]


Green Bloggers Conference: Environmental Awareness in Palestine “A Need to Start”

Hiba, Tamam, and Wael (left to right) from the Palestinian Authority express their desires for environmental change at the Environment Blogger’s Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. As we’ve been saying, Green Prophet hosted a Green Blogger’s Conference in Jordan earlier this week. We’ve recapped what we’ve learned from the Jordanian activists. Now Hiba Hamzeh from Volunteering […]


Environment Journalists, Bloggers and Activists From Israel, Jordan and the PA Unite: Let’s Meet Jordan

Osama, Khaloud, Zein and Sawsan (from left to right) present green projects from Jordan at Green Prophet’s Environment blogging workshop. It was 20 hours we will never forget. Nineteen journalists, activists and bloggers from Jordan, the PA and Israel met at an international blogging workshop in Jordan intending to make better environment bloggers (and friends) […]


Eco Rabbi – Parshat Miketz – Solutions for Famine

Every week, observant Jewish people read a section of the Torah. This week, our in resident Eco Rabbi looks at Parshat Miketz. Okay, this week’s parashah is a no-brainer. Seriously, how can an Eco-Rabbi NOT talk about Parshat Miketz? The parashah which contains the solution for dealing with famine… Parshat Miketz opens with Pharaoh, King […]


Multifaith Green Writers Unite in Jordan

Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanians host cross-border workshop on environment blogging in Jordan to spur Middle East change. The UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen is putting a lot of pressure on oil-producing nations in the Middle East; but the reality is that most countries in the region are failing miserably in all areas of environmental […]