Bull Penis Stew: Waste Not, Want Not

People around the world eat the penises of bulls, sheep, and goats, without a quiver. Keeping to the theme of eating all the animal that began with our post on lamb’s testicles, we now present our readers with another idea to get used to. Penis meat is eaten and enjoyed in the Middle East, Latin […]


Eat The Whole Animal: Lamb’s Testicles

One testicle or two? Waste not, want not. It’s all good meat. Affluent societies view an animal as so many fillets. But meat-eaters in traditional (read: less privileged) societies don’t turn their noses up at offal – kidneys, liver, head meat, tripe, sweetbreads, ears, and trotters. Testicles and penis meat too.  Those bumpy, funky bits […]