NASA Abandons Flying Cars for Greener Flight with a $1.5m Prize for Green Plane Innovation


Last month, after my search for green innovation in aviation turned up empty, I proposed that the aviation industry needed its own Steve Jobs to shake things up. Now, in a move that can only be interpreted as a direct response to my challenge, NASA has announced a competition for the greenest aircraft designs, with a […]

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Looking for Green Innovation at the Paris Air Show


With the aviation industry reeling from increasing fuel costs, dipping profits and those pesky upcoming environmental regulations, airlines are scrambling to become more efficient, cut costs and increase fuel efficiency. Japan Airlines did their part to shed excess weight on their flights by shortening their blankets by a centimeter, and Northwest Airlines did it by […]

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Brazil's Jaime Lerner Says "Cities Are The Answer," And Provides Hope and Model For The Urban Middle East


Sitting in his favorite cafe, outside his home, Jaime Lerner opens his little black notebook. He sits and scribbles ideas while waiting for his next meeting with one of the many mayors, diplomats, governors and senators who make the pilgrimage to meet him from all over the world. His notebook, much like Leonardo da Vinci’s […]

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