Gone Seabass Fishing…In Egypt’s Desert

Digging for freshwater, Wadi Holdings found salt water instead; two years later, and  their Seabass farm in the desert is roaring Anyone with an untrained eye entering a desert environment would see a vast expanse of virtual nothingness: only the occasional sandstorm or a stray herd of camels sauntering by might break the blank horizon, […]


When Abu Dhabi Art Meets Sand, Sun, and Sky

Glass art installation in Abu Dhabi generates inspiration and energy in one fell swoop Studied Impact in Abu Dhabi came to our attention when they publicized a power plant they designed that doubles as a residence. The firm comprises a dynamic couple, architect and artist, who merge their environmental concern with creativity in very interesting […]


Syrian Vendor Could Lose His Cart For Sidewalk Sales

Syrian’s police and vegetable vendors play a game of cat-and-mouse; will authorities find a way to let the market prevail? With its campaign against plastic bags and its shiny new renewable energy plan, Syria’s environmental esteem is rising high. Moshe’s weekly flight to the greater Middle Eastern blogosphere demonstrates all kinds of awareness from Damascus […]


UAE To Export Camel-icious Milk To The West

We had a hump, err, hunch that camel milk would makes its way West Plagued by bed bugs that proliferate during warmer temperatures and the kind of distorted energy policy that replaces residents in the Braka village with four nuclear reactors, the UAE doesn’t always have a lot to be proud of. Except, perhaps, camel’s […]

VIDEO: Making Music From The Sun

An earthquake inadvertently converts a statue into a musical installation; Dr. Duffey replicates the effect with his own designs We’ve seen some interesting, creative applications of alternative energy. There is the father and son team in Gaza who created their own solar oven, though they had to stop filling orders when the glass ran out. […]


Hamas Thwarts A Greener Gaza

Responding to necessity, some Gaza residents are designing clever “eco” products, but Hamas is bringing them down Matt recently described the possibility of a green coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis south of Jerusalem. Israel is shipping their cleantech expertise to their neighbors, thereby fostering good relations and a more sustainable future. On the other side […]


Blue-Green Algae’s Slimy Tricks Revealed

Blue-Green algae threatens freshwater bodies (and marine bodies) worldwide. Will a new discovery by Israeli scientists help restore those threatened watersheds? Freshwater bodies such as the Kinneret have been compromised by the influx of human development and population. Run-off and phosphates enter the water, disrupting the ecological balance and often resulting in eutrophication. This means […]


Public Transportation Takes Flight In Dubai

Will more people in Dubai catch on to merits of metro-riding, ditch the car, and reduce their carbon footprint? We’ve already established that the Emiratis are not the most enthusiastic walkers; this can be attributed to the region’s crippling heat, as well as a simple cultural phenomenon. This has led to one of the world’s […]


High Temperatures Cause UAE Bed Bugs To Bite

When temperatures increase, so do the incidents of bugs, including those that your mother sang about before you went to bed As complex, rollercoaster climate change alters life on this planet, we will confront new and unforeseen challenges. Some problems we can anticipate such as reduced food supply and further reductions of biodiversity. We’ve encountered higher, […]


Joshua Mater Rebuilds Iraq One “Green” Mind At A Time

Named after his father who died of cancer in 2002, Joshua Mater established the Michael Scott Mater Foundation (MSMF) to create sustainable solutions to world problems Just today, reports came in that a suicide bomber killed and injured more Iraqis in Baghdad, soon after the United States committed to its withdrawal from the country, and […]


500 Tonne Food Waste Undermines Holy Month Of Ramadan

Officials in Abu Dhabi launched the “Think before you waste” campaign to help prevent food from piling up in landfills during Ramadan While Muslims are encouraged to internalize the principles of charity throughout their lives, during the ninth month of Ramadan, this philosophy is kicked into overdrive. Muslims demonstrate with even more intensity their devotion […]


5 Countries To Save the Caspian Sea’s Caviar

Caspian Day in 5 countries draws attention to the sea’s environmental woes, including a plunging sturgeon population What better way to start the weekend than with a delicious new recipe and a slice of geological perspective? The Tethys ocean, that ancient hydrological bridge that connected the Pacific and Atlantic oceans 50 million years ago, receded. […]


Haim Dotan’s Tao of Architecture

Israeli  Haim Dotan incorporates the soul of nature into his art and architecture Few things make our green hearts soar more than an architect with a gentle, artistic, nature-loving touch. Although we learned this week that cave homes built into volcanic rock withstood seven centuries of time’s wrath, it is also true that dense urban […]


Too Hot To Handle? Mammals Scatter Pests With Their Breath

The aphids’ survival technique against chomping mammals may be used against them to spare crops Whether we’re trying to ensure public health in Iran or expanding limited water sources in Israel, we’re constantly mining solutions to humanity’s woes. Unfortunately, many businesses leave their ethics at home and invest in ventures, such as pesticides, that are […]