Artocos: Architectural “Musical” Activism in Dubai

Dubai’s designers protest a planned development project with this musical power plant If we continue to usurp every inch of undeveloped land in order to protect consumption, we will likewise destroy the very biodiversity upon which all life depends. Everything matters: that blade of grass? It’s someone’s food. Those bobble-eyed frogs? They get eaten too. […]


Canadian Man Revolutionizes Sharjah, UAE With Recycling

Despite being a very conservative district, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has invested in recycling, revolutionizing how the emirate treats its trash In some parts of the United Arab Emirates, attitudes towards the environment are moldy and overgrown with ignorance. The daily feasts during Ramadan produced extraordinary food waste, and artificial islands continue to […]


Go Green and Go Offline For Green Yom Kippur

Does  your relationship with technology give you feelings of impatience and narcissism? Go offline. Along with numerous other bloggers, we have argued that a culture of doing and spending creates an impetus to do and spend more than the earth can provide. What happened to the simplicity of art to ease our earthly cares? Or […]


A Black Smog-Craft Chokes Cairo’s Skies

Trapped air and burning rice waste turns Cairo’s already sullied skies black during “Black Cloud Season” Not long ago I took a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and was appalled that from Cairo’s city center, in the Nile river, to well beyond the pyramids of Giza lie mounting heaps of trash: litter on the side […]

Israel’s Polluters Face New OECD Rules

Israel’s entry into the OECD will mean more stringent pollution standards for industries, but it comes with a cost – especially for smaller businesses Frequently people argue that it’s pointless to curb one’s personal habits when the big industries are most at fault for driving up greenhouse gas emissions. What difference does it make if […]


Swab A Frog For Good Health – But Not At Home

UAE scientists have found that chemicals on frog skin can produce antibiotics for otherwise resistant “superbugs” Frogs eat annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes that we’re so eager to get rid of, as well as other insects and pests, and despite being a tasty snack for various omnivores, including humans, have survived 300 million years of earth’s onslaughts. […]


Turkey’s Smart New Connection to Europe

While Turkey’s clean, smart energy solutions and its pending grid connectivity to Europe are praiseworthy, can we cut back demand too? Critics of GE’s Ecomagination program – which is said to offer cleaner, smarter power solutions – claim that GE is simply airbrushing an unsustainable model, perpetuating the very consumer culture that needs to be […]


Your Pee Could Power Ecobot III

Bristol scientists hope to build an autonomous robot that runs by digesting energy-rich waste products As we begin to consider alternative sources of energy for the Middle East, where even oil-rich Saudi is developing its solar sector, diversifying our portfolio will take pressure off any one source and generate further safety nets. Technology developed for […]


Marilyn Monroe And “The Salon of Beauty” In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Island room with a view, for “only” $200 a day Last year, at the peak of Dubai’s economic crisis, there was a massive expatriate exodus. Fearing debtors jail, many foreigners with unpaid bank loans abandoned their cars at Dubai’s airport parking lot. The New York Times described a policy of silence that forbade […]


US Leaves Iraq With A Legacy Of Waste

$5 Billion couldn’t put their country back together; will Iraqis be able to pick up the pieces? What is more wasteful than war? Bomb a place, destroy its infrastructure so that ordinary citizens lack basic services, topple a few monuments important to the national identity targeted, kill several thousand people, including approximately 100,000 civilians according […]


Art and Spirituality: The Antidote to Bigger, Better, More

Gentle artists and prophets inspired by nature offer a cure against environmental destruction This post takes its inspiration from two different stories. One by Mike Shanahan, an environmental journalist whose work we admire, and another published in Al MasryAlyoum. The first proposes that incorporating religious principles into our daily lives will heal our relationship with […]


Yortanlı Dam To Flood Turkey’s Ancient City Alliaoni

Environmentalists are losing the battle to protect Alliaoni from drowning beneath the Yortanlı Dam’s floodwaters Despite certain fits and starts between secular and conservative residents, Turkey is moving and shaking, establishing itself as a firm democracy. Nor is the country short on natural and historical bounty. Recently, we described how Turkey is helping Syria revive […]


Saudi’s Long Love Of Wealth Exhibited At The Louvre

The Louvre exhibition demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s historical influence on the Middle East region; can they spread a clean energy agenda too? When we think of Saudi Arabia, we think of oil, robed men, Mecca, and more oil. Certainly there’s an abundant supply of it, though, like in Egypt, the country experienced power shortages this summer […]


Solaris Magic Carpet Generates Electricity

It’s a tent, it’s a tunnel, and it funnels the year-round cool Shamal wind. We’ve been so enthralled with the Land Art Generator Initiative and the various designs that they have made available to the public, that we just had to share another with our readers. We’ve covered the solar thermal music designs that are […]