Ormat Set to Release Alaska's Geothermal Energy Potential


With dwindling natural gas reserves, will South Alaska be powered with geothermal energy? Ormat may be the first to open Alaskan territories, still virgin to this clean technology. Yavne, in Israel’s Central District, was briefly home to ancient Israel’s Sanhedrin (its highest rabbinical assembly). The town of 32,000 can also claim to be the original […]

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The Limits of Growing Biofuel Crops on a Desert Island


Quick, name the scarcest natural resources in Israel. I’m sure that “land” and “water” would feature prominently in most people’s answers. Israel is, to all intents and purposes, a “desert island’, with finite – very finite – natural resources. Not your romantic desert island, and not an island geographically, but rather politically. Not a desert […]

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Tigo and AGA Deal Means Solar Energy for Residents of High-rises


Tigo offers a tech and IT solution to squeeze more energy from the sun, which may be going vertical in high-rises through US partner. Solar energy has traditionally been a land or “area-intensive” form of alternative energy. Solar energy generation required massive, land-hungry solar power farms in order to compete with conventional equivalents, or large […]

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