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In the past, your 1st identity used to be your affiliation to a tribe. Your personal identity or your name was only secondary. Your beliefs are only expressions of your tribal beliefs. The idea of carving out a unique identity for yourself, based on the way you understand reality, was something which was considered quite absurd.

As people started awakening to spirituality in the new era, they recognized that they were members of a much larger tribe known as the universe. There are many meaningful groups of families and various like-minded individuals, and they have a very important area. But what will happen when spiritual explorations take you beyond the regular categories of peer group or family?

As you go deeper and deeper in your spiritual quest, you learn that your basic spiritual links are cosmic consciousness.But this doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to express vague universal consciousness.

In fact, the exact opposite of this is actually true. This is since the intelligence of our universe is multifaceted and vast. The universe is served best whenever you contribute your unique presence, your soul vibration, and personality. Your vision of reality is the highest contribution of yours to humanity. It’s your gift to this universe.

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For centuries now people have been defining themselves as members of one religious group or another. This is still possible if you want, but there are also other options available if you are looking at creating your true spiritual path. You don’t have to define yourself as a member of any one religion anymore. You do not have to substitute these new-age definitions or specific teachings in order to define yourself either.

Your multifaceted, eclectic approach doesn’t even need to have a name. You should simply choose to align yourself with the highest truth; that’s enough. Naturally, since you’re you, the right path for you might be different from the right path for someone else. These beliefs aren’t conflicted, just as a couple of people with various shoe sizes aren’t conflicted.

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When you study spiritual teachings from the temple of love, you’ll be free to study all aspect of the teaching which resonate with the greatest truth. You don’t even have to become an official member of the group to do this. You will also be free to combine the best from multiple teachings.

Some people claim your multifaceted approach isn’t focused or real based on their definition of reality. People who have such restricted views do not recognize anything which transcends the simplest of categories which they’re familiar with. This is the reason why your varied path, which has no label, may get misunderstood by the people who just understand various categories.

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So what’s the answer to the question of choosing your spiritual path? You do not have to follow just one teaching. Simply find a psychic reader near to you, and they will help put you in contact with the type of teachings you require.

You could choose to go on the path which explores to most truth, presented in different forms. This will put you in contact with all of the teachings you require. This path, even though it has no name, will be your own spiritual path.

What if you’re feeling comfortable with the group you’re associated with, and still, you search for a greater understanding of the truth? You can then follow your inner-directed spiritual path while remaining affiliated with specific metaphysical or religious groups.

It’s very important for you to learn how to tune into the highest of teachings no matter which path you choose to follow.

In your regular practice, you should cultivate a connection with your own soul. Let your cosmic soul be the source of your guidance, unity, and healing with the truth. This practice is what will give you confidence to release the labels and definitions which might have limited your understanding of your potential.

You will quickly come to realize that your inner divine presence is the best teacher. This will let you see the many teachers, and the many spiritual paths, all are created for backing your own wisdom. They are nothing more than mirrors to the teacher inside you, who guides you on your spiritual path.

Speaking of things to do the highest goal of all spiritual paths is to surrender. Even though you might associate this word with weakness or defeat, it’s actually the most powerful action, giving you infinite possibilities and freedom. Surrender means trusting that the Universe or God, or some sort of higher intelligence can do anything, even if you cannot foresee the outcome of particular situations.

When it comes to the spirit, everything unfolds perfectly; you don’t need to force or struggle any situation to go your way. It’s just your ego which thinks you’re isolated and trying to live in a world that is hostile. But the truth is you’re a spiritual being. Whenever you surrender to the Spirit and hear your deeper intelligence, you will end this struggle completely. You will also free yourself from all sorts of doubt and let go of all the obstacles which have been created by your ego.

The spiritual path can be described as figuring out how to let go. But this isn’t possible all at once. This is path which includes multiple steps. Here are some guidelines which may be able to help you get there:

Know your intentions

Your destiny’s to move with your soul the fuel which helps you move this way is intention. Every day, you need to intend on doing a little more. But having false intentions is something which can be very elusive; you can recognize them by the tone carried including greed, fear, hopelessness, rage, or weakness. Sense this feeling and do not buy into it. Stay aware until you locate this intention underneath.

Set high intentions

You should set a goal of becoming a miracle worker or a saint. Why shouldn’t you? If your goal for inner growth is acquiring mastery, then you should ask for it. Do not strain while trying to work wonders but do not deny them either. The start of mastery is a vision, seeing the miracles near you and this will make it much easier for you to grow greater miracles.

Get into the light

Your ego will retain its grip by making you feel powerless and needy. This sense of lack is what lets a hunger grow inside you that acquires everything in front of it. Power, money, pleasure, sex, etc. are all supposed to help fill this emptiness up, but they just can’t. You could try escaping this illusion if you can get into the light.

See everyone in the light

All of us live in one light. When you get tempted to judge other humans, it doesn’t matter how obvious it is that they deserve it, you should remind yourself that they are doing the best they can at their own consciousness level.

Reinforce your intentions

Life is kind of like chaos, the ego is entrenched in these demands. You should remind yourself, all the time, of your purpose. Some people may find it helpful if they can write their intentions down. For others, regular prayer or meditation can prove to be quite helpful. You need to find your middle, look very closely at yourself and don’t let go of the intention unless you feel it centred in yourself.

Forgive yourself

Everyone falls into traps of delusions and selfishness when they expect it the least. It’s important to learn to forgive yourself in such situations. Apply the same theory to yourself you apply to others. You are doing to best you can from your level of consciousness.

Learn to release

The paradox when you’re spiritual is that you’re always right and wrong together. You could try to get to know God, but you will be wrong to think things will remain the same tomorrow. All stages of inner growth is nurtured and good by God. But when you need to move on, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Revere the holy

You might have been brought up being sceptical about the sacred. In the society of today, there are very few people who spend time delving on the wealth of scripture here. The human representatives and saints of God are infinite treasures. Dipping into these treasures are only going to help you open up your heart. The words of saints or sages might just be the perfect fertilizer when your soul is trying to blossom.

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