Saudi’s Bridge Plans and Nuclear Protest in Turkey- News Snippets

turkey-nuclear-greenpeace-fukushima-saudi-land-sea-bridge-egypt-water-islam-qatar-climate-summitFrom protests in Turkey to everything you wanted to know about climate change, catch up on the latest green news from the region

Saudi Minister Denies Land Bridge to Egypt Plans
Following a rather mixed reaction to the news that plans were afoot to build a bridge connecting Egypt and Saudi via the Red Sea, the Saudi Minister of Transport has denied any agreement between the countries. Speaking to the Arab News, the minister said, “There is no any such agreement to the effect between the ministry and any other party concerning the project.”

Whilst the project’s future now appears in limbo, it has been estimated that if the bridge was built it would bring in 1.2 million Saudi tourists (and their cars) every year. The present number of visitors is currently 300,000. For a thorough look at the environmental concerns surrounding the land and sea bridge proposal see this blogpost by Egyptian blogger Zeinobia.
:: Arab News

Protests Against Nuclear Power in Turkey
As part of a wider Greenpeace campaign, protestors gathered outside the Hagia Sofia Museum in Istanbul to highlight the dangers of nuclear. The protest marks the lead up to the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan which will take on March 11. According to campaigners, the day of action is also to remind us of the fact that the world’s more than 400 nuclear reactors pose an ongoing threat to the hundreds of millions of people who live in their shadow.
: Image and information via Greenpeace Arabic.

Muslim Nations Meet To Talk Water
Members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met in Istanbul on Monday 5 March to “develop a common vision regarding water”. The conference which included 62 OIC member countries, approved a final statement which recommended more nations co-operate in water research and co-ordinate their water-related organizations and campaigns. Countries in attendance include Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Syria, Libya, Oman and Turkey. No doubt the conference was important, although it seems the power of OIC as well as the action actually taken by the group is limited.
:: Arab News

The Road to Doha
In the lead up to the climate summit in Doha, Qatar, there is a distinct effort to get the region up to scratch on climate change issues. And Carboun, the sustainability consultancy, is playing its part. It recently published a ‘everything you need to know about climate change’ article by William Yassine which not only very readable but has lots of diagrams and infographics to help you get your head around the climate science and politics. Carboun is also promising more MENA-focused climate change guides in the future.
:: Read the ‘Road to Doha: An Introduction to Climate Change’ here.

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