Warning: This Picture May Cause Climate Change

A quiet little technology blog called Upworthy just posted a pie chart that, despite the solid pedigree of its source data, is likely to provoke debate so heated it may accelerate climate change. Kudos to Luigi Montanez, the site’s founding engineer, for recycling that ancient truism “a picture’s worth a thousand words”.  Let the arguments […]


Canada Muzzles Climate Science Cheney/Bush-Style

Bush era US climate science policy seems to have moved north to Canada, argues Susan. A student researcher at the University of Toronto has exposed a draconian shut-down of climate science in Canada. This is a first for Canada – an advanced democracy, but a democracy that has the resource-curse of vast oil sands potential. James Birch does research in a thirty […]


The Surprising Impact Of Dust On Climate Change

Dust in the atmosphere can mitigate the heating effect of trapped greenhouse gases. If climate science were simple, perhaps we could design a quick fix that would suck out the carbon trapped in the atmosphere, and restore weather to it’s pre-freaky ways. Unfortunately, that’s not how nature works. To further add to the complexity, The […]