Breezy or Stifling – What is Your Clothing Doing to You?

covered statue clothing plastic wrapIs your skin all covered up with material that stops it from being able to breathe? Maybe you should rethink your choice of fabric.

Sitting here in the sticky summer heat, it is difficult to choose what to wear when really any extra layer on our skin is something we wish we could avoid. The choice can be made easier for you when you consider not just the article of clothing, but the material from which it is made. But with all those fabrics out there; cotton, polyester, acrylic and silk, who really knows what is best?

The most obvious answer is that natural is always best. Unfortunately there are many other options out there that feel great. As you wonder around trying to choose anything from skirts to socks, there are always many cheaper synthetic options available, which are soft and comfortable to the touch.

Acrylic – This is one of the most common fabrics around and is a versatile and cheap substitute for natural fabrics. It is made through chemical processing that gives us a fine soft material. Being soft is great, but on the other hand, this fabric doesn’t last as long as natural fabrics and tends to fuzz easily. Aside from this a chemically processed material is far from the best option to have on your skin for hours at a time.

Polyester – Here we have again another fabric made through chemical processing, this time based on petroleum. Does this sound like something you skin would appreciate? This is another fabric you should avoid since not only does it not allow your skin to breathe, but if you have sensitive skin, this can lead to all kinds of irritations.

These are not the only synthetic fabrics to avoid, as you start checking labels, you will realise that many products use a blend of synthetic and natural fabrics. Ideally, you want to find clothing made of 100% natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, satin or linen. Of course, in the heat of a Middle Eastern summer there are some better options.

jump with fabric You should choose a natural fabric that leaves your skin free to enjoy the fresh air

Cotton – If you have sensitive skin, or if you are just looking for some sexy environmental fun clothing alternatives, this is the fabric for you. As a natural fabric, cotton allows air to circulate through the fabric to your skin, which in turn helps absorb perspiration and take away the heat. In this way your body can be kept nice and dry through those sticky days. Not only this, but it will stand the test of time, lasting through multitudes of washes and at the end of the day is actually biodegradable.

Silk – Just to give your skin a little summer treat, try out the elegance of silk. It is one of the oldest fabrics known to man, dating back to Ancient China, Greece and Rome and for a good reason. It is one of the strongest natural fibres and being highly absorbent makes it cool in summer and warm in winter.

From the sheen of silk, to everyday cotton and of course different types of wool for winter, the natural fabrics will stand you in good stead. Next time you go shopping for clothes, try looking beyond the style, colour and designer, to the fabric, to make sure that you are giving your skin the best that it deserves.

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  2. I actually find that the synthetic fabrics I own live much longer than cotton. But the strongest by far, is silk – when it’s thick and raw. I used to hike in a silk dress. Cool on the body, fashionable, easy to wash, fast to dry and it lasted forever.

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