Where Composting "Blooms"

Green Prophet was contacted this week by a green husband and wife team who are in the eco-business of making composters here in Israel (see left).

Regular readers of GP will know that we are mad for composting: Mulch, Rot, Invigorate and A Half Empty Bin and Some Worms.

Ilan Bar-Kat and Lisa Bloom live in Zichron Yaacov, after having spent 7 years in the green (in both senses green) emerald Isle of Eire. Lisa was born in Dublin’s fair city, where they tapped into the recycling & composting ethic which is so strong there – Ireland was the first country to ban plastic bags (so Green Prophet salutes the land of Ireland & the Irish for that!). Slainte!

Lisa writes: “Then arriving back in Israel and seeing the lack of recycling here was quiteshocking. However, Zichron is becoming more and more away of environmental issues…there is hope, and of course the general level of awareness in the country is increasing…(though it sometimes feels painfully slow!!!).

“Anyway, Ilan has dabbled with carpentry forever and does wonderful work in his spare time. He started building composters, firstly because we wanted one and then more and more people saw it and wanted a more attractive and user friendly alternative to the big green bin.

“The composter is staged. That is, you pile on one side and then when it’s full move to the other. At this point, given the right balance in the pile it can take as little as six weeks for the composter process to complete.

We have reduced our household waste by 2/3 and put back everything into our garden…it’s a pleasure!”

The Bloom’s composters are finished with a coat of Linseed oil for protection from insects and sun, and the standard size (1.5m width, 70cm depth, 60cm height) sells for 900 shekels.
Contact Lisa: lisa”at”bar-kat.com

Yallah! What are you waiting for? Get composting now!

Our previous composting posts, which tell you how to make your own, and what goes in, are here :: Mulch, Rot, Invigorate and :: A Half Empty Bin and Some Worms.

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  1. Lisa says:

    You can contact me on [email protected] or call me at 052 4570112 and I’ll be delighted to give more details, answer questions and take orders!
    Have a great day!

  2. Rachel says:

    How do we get one?

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