Israel's Finest Restaurants Offer Vegetarian Specials on Mondays

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As we saw in recent posts on vegawarianism and collective vegetarianism, meatless lifestyles now come in all different shapes and sizes. 

To add to these vegetarian possibilites, Jana and Ilan Gur, owners of the Al Hashulchan (“On the Table”) food magazine, recently introduced the Sheni Tzimchoni (Vegetarian Monday) initiative.  Dozens of Israel’s best restaurants have signed on to introduce special vegetarian menus every Monday throughout July and August.

Sheni Tzimchoni is modeled its British counterpart, Vegetarian Monday, which Paul McCartney recently introduced to encourage Brits to reduce their meat-related global warming pollution.  Meat production, according to a recent UN report, contributes almost 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our initiave is part of a global effort to fight the environmental damages associated with meat consumption,” Jana Gur told Ynetnews.  “This is a good solution for those who wish to reduce meat consumption, but find it hard to refrain from eating meat altogether.”

For a list (in Hebrew) of restaurants participating in Sheni Tzimchoni, visit Al Hashulchan.

:: Ynetnews, Al Hashulchan
Image Credit:  adactio

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