Ban Saudi’s Bottled Water?

Not only does Jibal Faifa Water Company’s bottled water contain excess levels of cancer-causing chemical, but plastic bottles are the bane of the environment It comes as no surprise that water, that miracle of life without which we would quickly shrivel up and die, dominates the headlines. We are either witch-hunting BP for its role […]


Israeli Politicians Wrangle over Drought Tax

Israel’s aquifers may be overdrawn and the Dead Sea is dying, but that isn’t stopping legislators from trying to take the teeth out of a pending drought tax on water overconsumption. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, a scaled water levy was supposed to go into effect on July 1. Israeli water bills fall into […]


Supermodels, Free Parking, Biblical Parchments All Part of Israel's Zany Solutions for Combatting Water Shortage

Israel has officially pulled out all the stops for water conservation: Last month, Israeli officials led by Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon sought to combat the country’s urgent water crisis by changing all the mezuzot in the Water Authority offices (Jews traditionally affix a mezuzah, a piece of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah, to […]


Q. Will Our Drinking Water Suddenly Stop? A. No

A friend of mine recently asked me with great concern about the water supply from his tap  – is it going to disappear tomorrow? Next week? We hear reports about all of the contamination of our water supplies, and we see the public service announcements in which the lovely model’s skin  turns to bark before […]


Israel's Water Levels Go From Red to Black

Every Israeli knows what the Sea of Galilee’s (a main source of Israel’s drinking water) red line means. It’s bad. It means Israel is running out of water and we’re all in trouble. So when the Israel Water Authority came out with a campaign about two weeks ago saying that Israel’s water levels were deteriorating […]