Holon Design Museum Hosts Conference About Sustainable Cities

“The city is not the problem, but the solution,” says architect Jaime Lerner. Throughout history, philosophers have been dreaming about the utopian city.  The current age is faced with environmental challenges, and so many of today’s thinkers are dreaming of the sustainable utopian city.  Mayors, visionaries, academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and architects will all gather […]


Is Car-Free Living Possible in the Suburbs?

How can eco-friendly transportation be improved in the suburbs? When contemplating whether to live in a city or in the suburbs, most people weigh the pros and cons of having more space or less space, being closer to better schools for their kids or having the convenience of everything nearby in an urban environment. But […]

New Pedestrian Projects in the Center of Tehran

Two more streets in center of Tehran will be changed to pedestrian streets. These two are Bab-Homayoon and Naser-Khosro streets in highly busy center of Tehran. According to Zone 12 of the Municipality of Tehran, the project for changing the function of streets will be started soon. Another part of the city that have both […]


Marilyn Monroe And “The Salon of Beauty” In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Island room with a view, for “only” $200 a day Last year, at the peak of Dubai’s economic crisis, there was a massive expatriate exodus. Fearing debtors jail, many foreigners with unpaid bank loans abandoned their cars at Dubai’s airport parking lot. The New York Times described a policy of silence that forbade […]


Dubai Properties Faces $7.3 Million Lawsuit

Who to believe? That Dubai properties hasn’t paid or that Hopkins Architects reneged on their agreement? There are different species of architectural firms operating in the feeding frenzy that is Dubai. Some, such as Foster&Partners, are contributing to the country’s environmental malaise, while others, such as Studied Impact, are trying a bit harder to reduce […]


Mercer’s Oman Eco-City Ranking Suspect

Can a city relying on oil revenue and desalination really be labeled “eco”? (Image by dislona via flickr) At first, we felt a surge of pride to learn that Muscat, Oman, is the only Middle Eastern city on Mercer’s top 50 eco-city ranking. It ranks 48, just behind Glasgow, but ahead of Frankfurt. We were […]


Saudi Splurges for Shanghai Expo 2010

Despite its claim to promote sustainable urban development practices, the world’s largest, disposable Expo invites irony and criticism. The first ever world fair took place in 1851 at Prince Albert’s behest.  That fair was initiated to display participating nations’ industrial prowess.  The tradition continues with ever-increasing largesse, culminating in this year’s World Expo that officially […]


Environmental Triggers of Arthritis Include Lipstick and Hairspray

There are environmental triggers (hairspray! lipstick!) of common autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, a TAU researcher reports. Our immediate environment interacts with our genetic programming and can determine if we will succumb to an autoimmune disease, says rheumatologist Prof. Michael Ehrenfeld of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine, who is seeking to unravel those mysteries. […]


Find edible weeds in your garden

Last week Karin asked what weeds in her garden are edible. Today she finds out. With winter in full bloom in the Middle East (this is when we get rain), urban gardens come alive, whether or not you want them to. The rains and cooler temperatures invite green leafy things to sprout up everywhere. And […]


Foraging Wild Weeds on Your Windowsill: Grow Chickweed

It’s easy to cultivate chickweed (a vitamin powerhouse) on your windowsill for a quick springtime salad. Karin went foraging in her backyard, but wasn’t sure which weeds were edible. One of the most prevalent edible weeds thriving now in the Mediterranean is chickweed, Stellaria media if you want to get botanical about it. Its flavor […]


The Weeds We Eat – Karin Forages in her Backyard

Karin tries urban foraging and eating weeds from her garden. What are the chances she will live after this experiment? Taking cues from the Arab women foraging for mallows in the kindergarten in front of my house, and Miriam’s latest winter salad recipe, I decided to do a little urban foraging myself. (That’s me above […]


Rebranding Lod: from Modern Slum to Cultural Gem

An ancient mosaic recently uncovered in the mixed city of Lod: Stigmatized as a crime infested, religiously divided city, residents of Lod have launched a grass-roots effort to change the face of the ancient city at the heart of Israel. Mention Lod to anyone in Israel and more often than not it conjures up images […]


Taga's Chic, Slick, Inner City Ride, Kids Included

Taga’s “transformer” bike-stroller converts quickly to match the pace and space of urban living. But one Green Prophet reader asks: Where are those kids’ helmets? If you liked reading about Taga’s hybrid bike-stroller on Green Prophet, here’s an update: Urban parents are all too familiar with the hassles of driving and parking in the city. […]


Cell Phone Towers and the NIMBY Syndrome

We’ve all seen them – those tall, ugly masts holding any number of cellular transmitter/receivers. Without them we wouldn’t have the modern convenience of the cell, or mobile, phone in Israel or the rest of the Middle East. Are these cell phone towers simply eye-sores, or cause for real concern? Are the NIMBY’S – Not […]