Urban Open Spaces: Good or Bad for the Environment?

What is a friendlier urban environment – dense constructed areas dotted with large, open public areas, or a slightly less dense urban environment infused with nature? Living in a city is better for the environment than living in the suburbs.  Denser living allows for a lower carbon footprint since people can walk (or bike commute) […]


Egypt’s Buried Dignitaries Won’t Be Moving Anytime Soon

A leading Muslim group denies the Cairo municipality’s request to relocate graves in the crowded city. Following the success of Al-Azhar park in Cairo, also known as the city’s lungs, the municipality looked to cemeteries as possible venues to develop more community parks in Egypt’s crowded capital. But Dar Al-Ifta, the research institute tasked with […]


Beirut Politicizes The City’s Dirty, Dangerous Green Inch

As the media and residents continue to unleash frustration at Beirut’s lack of healthy public spaces, the Green Party deftly moves in with solutions. After an era of uninhibited urbanization, Lebanon’s Green Party is politicizing Beirut’s absence of “green space.” Tel Aviv has Hayarkon, Cairo has Al-Azhar, and Dubai has the Ras al Khor Wildlife […]