Tourists Bust Egyptian Restaurants Serving Endangered Species


Tourists offended by this gruesome display of endangered species reported the Picalbatros restaurant in Hurghada, Egypt to the local conservation agency. Tourists who dine at the Pickalbatros restaurant in Hurghada might be greeted with a gruesome scene: sharks, rays, and parrot fish hanging from hooks, Egypt Independent reports. While some people have turned a blind […]

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Egypt Establishes Country’s First Dolphin Sanctuary


Egypt’s first wildlife sanctuary in the Red Sea will ensure that Hurghada’s Indo-pacific dolphins can rest and socialize in peace! Egypt’s Red Sea Governor Mahmoud Assem has established a safe-zone designed to protect the vulnerable Indo-pacific dolphin (Tursiops aduncus). The move, which bans any kind of vessel from entering the Fanous Reef, has been lauded […]

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Stunning Resort In Abu Dhabi Desert Will Celebrate Bedouin Architecture

We applaud Dubarch’s steps towards sustainability, but is a 70 hectare 5 star resort in no-man’s-land a good idea? The Tourist Development & Investment Company of Abu Dhabi (TDIC) started developing a resort in the vast and uninhabitable area outside the capital called the Empty Quarter. Architects Dubarch designed what will be a high-profile, luxury 5 […]

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Middle East Destination Tops Ethical Tourism Sales

responsible-travel-group-in-Egypt.jpg customers on holiday in Egypt. Feluccas and Pharoahs, a popular trip. British ethical tourism pioneers has celebrated its tenth birthday by announcing its biggest ten sellers over the last decade – and Middle Eastern destinations top the list. Responsible Travel offers hundreds of holidays across the world and its birthday announcement also included […]

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Israeli Hotel Owners Fear Diversion Of Dead Sea Tourism To Jordan


View from Israel to Jordan; hotel owners fear that years of construction projects will send tourists to the other side. The discussions over an appropriate solution to rising water levels in the southern Dead Sea flared up again in Israel last Wednesday as representatives of 14 hotel owners and environmentalists urged the government to abandon […]

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Four Dolphins Living In A Filthy Egyptian Pool 1/10 Of Acceptable Size


A Brit discovers captive dolphins in foul conditions in Egypt. On the Red Sea, Hurghada is a popular Egyptian tourist destination. It is here that Chilean businessmen Fernando Fischmann intends to build an artificial lagoon, and also where an oil spill earlier this year sent people with a vested interest in attracting tourists scrambling to […]

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Sinking Hotels! Salt Imbalance In Mined Dead Sea Threatens Tourism Industry


The tourism and minerals industry, as well as the Tamar Regional Council, argue over who must take responsibilities for what environmentalists call all “ecological disaster.” Take the most beautiful blue blown-glass vase designed with divine providence, throw it against a wall, and watch it shatter into hundreds of pieces. Then, try to glue it back […]

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