Tourists Bust Egyptian Restaurants Serving Endangered Species

Tourists offended by this gruesome display of endangered species reported the Picalbatros restaurant in Hurghada, Egypt to the local conservation agency. Tourists who dine at the Pickalbatros restaurant in Hurghada might be greeted with a gruesome scene: sharks, rays, and parrot fish hanging from hooks, Egypt Independent reports. While some people have turned a blind […]


Tel Aviv Lifeguard Shacks To Become Tiny Pixel Hotels

Lifeguard shack on drummer’s beach in Israel is soon to be upcycled into a unique new boutique “pixel” hotel. We’ve heard of pixelated screens and buildings, but pixel hotels are a new phenomenon that started as an art project in Linz, Austria. Now these tiny hotels established in unusual, typically abandoned urban settings – whether […]


Egypt Establishes Country’s First Dolphin Sanctuary

Egypt’s first wildlife sanctuary in the Red Sea will ensure that Hurghada’s Indo-pacific dolphins can rest and socialize in peace! Egypt’s Red Sea Governor Mahmoud Assem has established a safe-zone designed to protect the vulnerable Indo-pacific dolphin (Tursiops aduncus). The move, which bans any kind of vessel from entering the Fanous Reef, has been lauded […]


Egypt Declares a State of Emergency Following Oil Spill

Who needs terrorism when we’ve got oil spills? “The Mega Leisure Destination on the Red Sea” has sprung an oily leak so serious that the Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency, according to Almasry Alyoum. General Petroleum Corporation reported that one of their wells is leaking in three Gamsha spots north of Hurghada […]


Five Star Eco-Tourism in Cool, But Hot Mid East Locations

Jordan’s Six Senses Evason Hot Springs Eco Resort. Does King Abdullah and family come here for fun? There are numerous eco-tourism options available in the Middle East. Green-hearted tourists can climb “God’s Mountain” in Egypt or visit the desert oasis of Siwa along the Red Sea coast in Sinai. But in the United Arab Emirates, five star […]


Egyptian Man Plans To Fight African Lion For Tourism

This man claims he will fight a 617 pound lion in order to boost Egyptian tourism. A modern-day Egyptian gladiator has reportedly announced plans to fight an African lion. Al-Sayed al-Eassawy claims to have the Ministry of Interior’s blessings to fight the animal in front of the Giza pyramids, all in an exceedingly misguided effort to […]


Maldives’ Floating “Green” Golf Island Not So Green

A floating ‘green’ golf course Island is planned for the climate change-vulnerable nation of the Maldives but how green is it really? The Maldives is a small archipelago nation that is extremely vulnerable to climate change due to the risk of rising sea levels. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that a rise […]


Middle East Destination Tops Ethical Tourism Sales

ResponsibleTravel.com customers on holiday in Egypt. Feluccas and Pharoahs, a popular trip. British ethical tourism pioneers ResponsibleTravel.com has celebrated its tenth birthday by announcing its biggest ten sellers over the last decade – and Middle Eastern destinations top the list. Responsible Travel offers hundreds of holidays across the world and its birthday announcement also included […]

MENA countries add revolutionary credentials to eco-tourism

Souvenirs of the recent revolution are already on sale in Tahrir Square In recent weeks, Green Prophet has reported on concerns for MENA regional eco-tourism after visitor numbers slumped over concerns about safety, and on worries that the conflict in Libya could damage the country’s stunning historical remains. But plans to promote Middle East and […]


Middle Eastern Strife Takes A Heavy Toll On Tourism

The Middle East has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, and is expected to become even more so, but the current unrest has taken its toll. Even though Dubai has been spared the awful drama that has gripped many countries in the Middle East – most dramatically Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya – the […]


Horses: The Silent Victims of Egypt’s Revolution

Around 3,000 horses have faced hardship and even starvation during the protests which rocked Egypt and toppled a 30-year dictatorship It’s been over ten days since Egyptians managed to unchain themselves from a 30-year old dictatorship after weeks of gathering in Tahrir Square to tell Mubarak to leave. According to Human Rights Watch just under […]


Top 3 Middle Eastern Eco-Cities to Visit in 2011

Planning out your vacations for the new year ahead? Beirut, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi make the cut. A few months ago, world-renowned travel guide company Lonely Planet made a list of its top 10 cities for 2011.  Tel Aviv made the prized 3rd place spot (after New York and Tangier, but before Valencia, Delhi, […]


Oceanic White Tip Shark Kills Elderly Woman In Egypt

Egyptian negligence may have caused the unnecessary death of a German tourist yesterday. An illegal Australian sheep dump in the sea might be the cause. Just after authorities reopened the tourist area to snorkelers following three separate shark attacks last week, a German woman was attacked and killed in Sharm al-Sheikh yesterday. Last week three […]


4 dolphins imprisoned in Egyptian backyard pool

A Brit discovers captive dolphins in foul conditions in Egypt. On the Red Sea, Hurghada is a popular Egyptian tourist destination. It is here that Chilean businessmen Fernando Fischmann intends to build an artificial lagoon, and also where an oil spill earlier this year sent people with a vested interest in attracting tourists scrambling to […]

PetroGulf Misr Denies Responsibility For Red Sea Oil Spill

The Egyptian Government has failed to provide concrete answers regarding the Red Sea oil spill that occurred last month. One month after oil leaked on to Hurghada’s beaches along the Red Sea, popular among tourists for reef diving, the Government-run oil company Petroleum Misr denies responsibility for the spill despite footage that incriminates them. Oil […]