Azouri Brothers & Shai Agassi Together Make Tel Aviv A Better Place

The Azouri brothers and architect Keren Yedvub leave no stone unturned. Their 20-storey “eco-tower” overturns the old n’ ugly world order with a building that is bold, beautiful, and deeply sustainable. The Azouri Brothers’ eco-tower is growing greener and greener by the day.  Already featuring a whole host of attributes that make their 20 storey office building as livable […]


Moshe Safdie Goes To China

Moshe Safdie exports his pixelated design concept to Qinhuangdao, China Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie is famous for his “Habitat 67” design created for that year’s Montreal World Fair. And though his “Safdie Plan” for Jerusalem was somewhat controversial, his talent has since gathered in strength and now features throughout the world. The most recent commission […]


All Eyes On Libya As Oil Prices Rise

Rising oil prices as a result of Middle East unrest could send Americans back to the drawing board. The last time the United States saw their oil prices soar, really soar, was during the three month Arab oil embargo in the early 1970s. Prices hit nearly $12 a gallon and Americans sat in line for […]


Jordan Teams With Spanish Firm To Cool Homes With The Sun

The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society is adding solar-cooling to their Eco-House project. While Jordanians argue over whether enviro Queen Rania is entitled to throw lavish birthday parties at the expense of the populace, the business of achieving Jordan’s renewable energy goals continues apace. The Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES) and a Spanish firm have made […]


The Green Sheikh Rubber Stamps Cradle To Cradle Event

Green Sheik and Michael Braungart at green event in Abu Dhabi. One of the most respected environmental activists in the Middle East, no sustainability conference is complete without H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi’s stamp of approval. So it is an enormous compliment that the “Green Sheikh” attended an event co-hosted by Abu Dhabi’s leading […]


500 Solar-Powered Recycling Units Promote Abu Dhabi’s Conservation Culture

The municipality in Abu Dhabi is sponsoring 500 solar-paneled recycling containers. A whole host of constructive ideas are being generated in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. A pair of cousins on segways educate visitors to the Corniche about waste management, and the municipality’s turn-it-off campaign encourages moderate energy and water use. The most recent plan, […]


Justifying Dubai’s Shopping Malls With LEED

If Mirdif City Center Mall is “green,” the emperor must have been wearing clothes. Given the choice between a LEED certified building and one without, we’d be nuts to take the first. Issued by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED certification and its equivalent in the Middle East – such as the Qatar […]


Energy-Generating Pyramids Win Abu Dhabi’s LAGI Prize

These are no ordinary pyramids. When built, eight orbiting solar-paneled pyramids surrounding one larger “earth” will generate enough energy to power 250 Abu Dhabi homes. For months we’ve been teetering at the edge of our seats waiting to learn who will win the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) design competition. Finally, our waiting is over. […]


Man Builds Colossal Cathedral With Junk and Faith

Remarkable “junk” cathedral is built by one man with a ton of faith. Have you ever got down on your knees and promised your creator that if you got that groovy green job, or if these natural stimulants improved your libido, or if that horrible bout of encephalitis went away, you would do something amazing? […]


Award-Winning Enviromena Solarizes Abu-Dhabi School

Two award-winning companies – Aldar Properties and Enviromena – team up to solar power an Abu Dhabi school. ALDAR Properties is one of the largest real estate development, management and investment companies headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Their development portfolio includes hotels, marinas, schools, gulf courses, estates management, and theme parks. They are the people behind […]


Can An L-Shaped Skyscraper Scrub The Jordan River?

This building is designed to accommodate residents, commercial activity, and clean the Mapocho River. Is this what the Jordan River needs? Despite valiant efforts by Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) and other worthy organizations, the Jordan River is in a perilous state. This 156 mile long river is ecologically essential to Israel, Jordan, […]


Tunisian Eco-Retreat Offers Warm Ecological Hospitality

If you’re looking to rest your laurels somewhere warm and eco-friendly, why not consider Tunisia, the world’s most egalitarian Arab nation. Tunisia is the Arab world’s best secret. Not only does it boast high home ownership, high literacy, and good health care coverage, but it is so egalitarian that the First Lady boasts they don’t […]


The UAE Gets Its First Carbon Neutral Bus. Maybe?

A UAE facilities management company and a Swiss non-profit have teamed up to create the UAE’s first carbon-neutral bus. Just this week we learned that Gulf countries are considering ending oil subsidies and that an Eco-Playbus is tooting around Bethlehem, showing some signs that the Middle East is moving towards a more sustainable future. That […]