Governor Bans Recreational Fishing In Southern Sinai

Violators of the new recreational fishing ban in Southern Sinai will be tracked and prosecuted. At the end of last year, a spate of shark attacks left three tourists injured and one elderly woman dead.  What caused the sharks to act so contrary to their nature is still under investigation, though the situation appears to […]


Environmental Factors Turn Once Harmless Sharks Into Killers

These are the two sharks killed by Egyptian authorities following several attacks off the Sinai peninsula last week. One of the sharks responsible for some attacks remains at large. There are many consequences of climate change that scientists foresaw: melting glaciers, rising temperatures, freak storms, flooding, drought, and continued loss of biodiversity. Then there are […]


Oceanic White Tip Shark Kills Elderly Woman In Egypt

Egyptian negligence may have caused the unnecessary death of a German tourist yesterday. An illegal Australian sheep dump in the sea might be the cause. Just after authorities reopened the tourist area to snorkelers following three separate shark attacks last week, a German woman was attacked and killed in Sharm al-Sheikh yesterday. Last week three […]