Angry Cow Murders Its Gazan Slaughterer During Muslim Eid Festival


Amateur slaughterers are often injured on the job. Should slaughtering be left to the professionals? The annual Hajj pilgrimage, on which we wrote about efforts to make it more green, has also become an event in which animals are being slaughtered inhumanely for the accompanying Ein al-Adha  or the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice holiday.  […]

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Jews And Muslims Unite Against EU Slaughter Labeling


Animal activists urge meat derived from Halal and Kosher slaughter methods, such as this chicken at the Madani Halal Slaughterhouse, to carry labeling that points out the absence of stunning beforehand. A battle over the humanity of religious slaughter has boiled over in Europe, uniting Jews and Muslims  fighting for recognition of their respective rituals. […]

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