Carbon Offsetting Saudi Arabia

Who doesn’t want to jump onto the carbon offset bandwagon when you see Coldplay advocating it? I mean come on, that’s a cool bunch of guys, and if they are doing it, it must be the right thing to do. As interest in environmental issues has grown, so has the alluring, politically correct, celebrity-sanctioned model […]


Saudi Arabia’s Climate U-Turn?

Once the region’s climate skeptic, Saudi Arabia is slowly shifting towards a more progressive stance ahead of the climate summit in Qatar It’s not long now till the climate summit follow up to Durban, is held in Qatar later this year. And in response to the eyes that will be soon focusing on the Middle […]


NGO Takes IEI/Genie Oil Shale Plan To Israel’s High Court

David fights Goliath again in Israel’s Elah Valley: Union for Environmental Defense takes on Genie Oil & Gas Inc., now backed by some of the world’s most powerful banking, media, and oil barons intent on destructive oil shale exploration. In 2008, Israel’s Ministry of Infrastructure granted Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI) the right to produce gas […]


When Oil Or "Texas Tea" Was Good For Us

  Being an environmentally-conscious website, many articles posted here on Green Prophet have tried to show the bad side of  the overuse of fossil fuels and the damage they have done to our planet – especially in regards to global warming and climate change. This is especially true in respect to my last article where […]

A Hybrid of Environmentalism and Politics in Online Honda Ad

[youtube][/youtube] We recently came across this alleged Honda commercial online, which fuses environmental activism with political opinion. It speaks for itself, so take a quick look: It is unclear and very unlikely that Honda actually sponsored this ad.  It’s more probable that somebody cut and pasted a news clip together with the taglines of another […]