Organic ink grows 3D printed gardens (and then what?)


Students at Slovenia’s second largest university adapted a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to act as a 3D printer, substituting the usual printing materials (such as¬†plastics, nylon, epoxy resins, and wax) with “green” ink made of soil, water and grass seed. Their project, named Print Green, produces 3D printed models with the ability to grow.

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Are Squishy Little “Moss Piglet” Tardigrades Extraterrestrials?


Earth’s most indestructible being might be this wee barrel-bodied cutie with eight stumpy legs. Tardigrades are small, segmented animals with a penchant for water dwelling: lichens and mosses are their favored habitat. They’re found everywhere, from the deepest seas to the towering Himalayas, at the equator and polar caps. Their physical prowess lead some to […]

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