Will GM’s Green Cadillac Sell in the UAE?

Sleek, green and probably expensive; GM’s extended range ELR will soon be coming off assembly lines The love for expensive and unique cars in many parts of Middle East is something we love to cover, including  such models a white gold Mercedes sports coupes running on biofuel, and a white gold  Bentley said to actually […]


RECIPE: Ayran, Refreshing Turkish Yogurt Drink

Need a refreshing, sugar-free drink? Look no further than the container of natural yogurt in your fridge. Known as aryan in Turkey and drunk plain, the cooling, soothing yogurt-based drink is popular all over the Middle East. Syrians and Lebanese call it laban ayran. In Iraq and Jordan it’s called shenina. Traditional Middle Eastern recipes […]


Rabbit-Killing Pesticide Kills Dubai Man Instead

These innocuous-looking pellets release deadly fumes that killed a young IT professional in Dubai last week. This is the second pesticide-related tragedy we are covering this week. A few days ago, no fewer than 15 top racing camels in Qatar died after their breeder administered a toxic chemical to their skin, which the owner blames […]


Figs and August seasonal cooking in the Middle East

In spite of some climate differences, most Middle Eastern countries raise the same crops. Don’t think that it means little choice, though. The huge variety of local fresh fruit and vegetables here, and their bright flavors, astound Westerners who have forgotten how a tomato or a green bean should taste. Real superfoods (see our article […]


Has Ford´s Ambassador – The Green Sheikh – Been Cloned?

Ford has appointed The Green Sheikh (right) as the Ambassador to their generous environmental grants program. Already a columnist for Green Prophet and a roaming environmentalist whose Ramadan post sent bright green ripples throughout the Muslim world, the Sheikh from Ajman known for his eco-sensitivities has taken on yet another major role. And no, he hasn´t […]


GlassPoint Solar Wins Huge Middle East Oil Field Contract

Last November, Rod MacGregor, the CEO of innovative GlassPoint Solar approached oil drillers in the Middle East to offer Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) using solar, and returned with no orders. This week, he is announcing the fruit of the mission. His first MENA contract will be with Oman’s 60% government-owned partnership with the Shell Group, Petroleum […]


RECIPE:Watermelon Basil Granita

Can summer get much better than this? The good thing about the height of summer is watermelons with red, red hearts and lots of sweet juice. Green Prophet has some good ways to serve it, and here are some. Here in the Middle East they’re for sale everywhere right now.  Even the little neighborhood grocery […]


RECIPE: Crunchy Chickpeas for Healthy Snacking

Quick to make and satisfying – roasted chickpeas answer the need for a healthy snack. When we casually dump a can-full of chickpeas into a pan, we’re thinking of dinner, not how the ancient world ate the little yellow grains. But chickpeas  found in Middle-Eastern archeological excavations have been proved to be eaten by folks […]


RECIPE: Kanafeh, Arabic Cheese Pastry

Kanafeh: sweet cheese filling under a crunchy topping. A favorite Ramadan dessert. Ramadan 2011 begins after sunset on July 31st. One of the many luscious traditional pastries served during the night meals of Ramadan month is kanafeh. Subtly flavored with lemon and rosewater, doused with syrup, it makes up for all the calories burnt off […]


RECIPE: Grilled Vegetables With A Middle Eastern Accent

Fire up your grill and cook  these aromatic vegetable chunks to delicious perfection. If there’s one favorite way to cook in the Middle East, it’s the outdoor grill. There really is no way to produce that smoky flavor. We’ve gotten away from the traditional picture of a paunchy, unshaven guy in a T-shirt taking gulps […]


Lebanese Okra in Olive Oil recipe

Call it Bamyeh in Arabic or Bamiah in Hebrew, but okra is relished all over the Middle East. Okra is a vegetable with an inferiority complex. Its delicious flavor hides under a certain goopiness, or mucilage released in cooking, and some people don’t like it. On the other hand, you may want the beneficial mucilage. […]


Rose geraniums go from planters into cool creamy treats

Sweetly-scented rose geranium makes a delicate cream and a soothing tea. It’s growing somewhere near you. Peaches, melons, apricots, plums. All in season right now in the Middle East, all sweet and juicy. Cream infused with rose-like  pelargonium graveolens makes a delicious background for any of those summer fruits. I pick a few sprigs of […]


RECIPE: Eggplant Stuffed with Bulgur and Fruit

The Middle East’s favorite vegetable, served in a creative new recipe. We’re fond of stuffed vegetables here on Green Prophet. They’re satisfying to the appetite and pleasant to look at. Like our butternut squash stuffed with quinoa, this stuffed eggplant recipe is an elegant twist on a traditional dish. Among the myriad Middle Eastern eggplant […]

Food Geo-politics Hits Middle East Streets

The international aid and development organization Oxfam recently revealed some alarming facts and future predictions on world hunger, warning that the world faces a real crisis in agricultural production and nutrition, with climate change exacerbating the crisis. The Middle East is cited as a “taste of what may be to come” as rising food costs […]


Natural Herbs for Breast Health and Enhancement

Certain plants, especially those rich in phyto-estrogens, are being looked at more closely for their role in growing a healthier bosom. Using herbs and foods to enhance a woman’s form date back to ancient times, and some suggest that the use of tinctures, massage oils and brews were popular among Egyptian harems. Some of the […]


RECIPE: Za’atar-Flavored Tofu

Middle East meets Far East in this innovative tofu dish. Arabic/Japanese fusion cooking? As for marinating tofu in  za’atar, we’ve got an unusual za’atar pesto recipe that fuses the Middle Easts’ favorite herb with Italian cuisine, so why not? The recipe was adapted from the Tofu for Two blog, using a modified version of  our […]


Why Finnish Tap Water Is Shipped to Saudi Arabia

Rola asks why the Middle East is consuming so much bottled water. Time to fix the tap? In his recently released book, The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water, Charles Fishman explains that while the US has among the safest, most monitored water system in the world, consumers are still choosing […]