Climate Change Denial and the Climate of Fear

Dr. Gotlieb comments on the attempts by economically and politically interested parties to obscure the climate change debate. Scientists are “street fighting” the demagoguery in prestigious journals, like Nature. There is a mean spirit blowing — and its not a sirocco out of the Maghreb. The issue began brewing around the time of the ill-fated […]


Forests may not be the greatest carbon sinks – here’s why

It can take decades of forest growth before the ‘cooling’ CO2 sequestration can overtake these opposing ‘warming’ processes, finds new study on Yatir Forest (above). We’ve been buying carbon credits, and have been busy planting trees hoping to stave off climate change, but the simple formula we’ve learned in recent years – forests remove the […]


Lebanon's Environment Inaction May Affect Entire Region

Running for green issues in Beirut: but will the government listen? The year 2009 was bleak for Lebanon’s environmental track record, according to the country’s Daily Star. Despite the impressive action of IndyACT, Lebanon’s delegation brought little effect at December’s COP 15 climate change summit; they were not able to accomplish much of anything insofar […]


VIDEO: The Battle Against Coal Power Stations Heats up in Israel

[youtube width=”560″ height=”425″][/youtube] The battle against the construction of the coal-fired power station in Ashkelon, Israel, last month, reached its peak. At 8 pm promptly, thousands of residents of southern Israel extinguished their lights for an hour, in order to protest against the construction of coal-fired station in their region. The residents were not standing […]


Haifa Chemicals and Citi To Sell Carbon Credits

Haifa Bay is lovely, but it’s extremely polluted. Chemical giant there now producing carbon credits with Citi bank. What would induce a significantly environmentally polluting company like Israel’s Haifa Chemicals to make an agreement with an international banking institution like Citi to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Haifa Chemicals has long been a […]


The World's Poorest Protest Saudi Arabia's Obstructionist Role in Climate Change Negotiations

Non-profit groups from 18 developing countries called on Saudi Arabia to “stop playing an obstructionist role” in the current climate change negotiations in Barcelona, claiming the oil kingdom’s delaying tactics will hurt the world’s poor. “Developing countries need all the support they can get,” said Wael Hmaidan of IndyACT Lebanon and founder of the Arab […]


Looking at the US and China As Stacy Reports From Barcelona Climate Change Talks

Climate change activists are pooling their resources as we speak in Barcelona at the Barcelona Climate Change Talks. This is an antecedent to the big United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen in December where countries are expected to draft real solutions to stopping the over-production of greenhouse gases. Part-time Green Prophet Stacy Feldman reports […]


Powering Down on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, which starts tomorrow evening, is a time of reflection, atonement, and looking forward to the year ahead.  It is also the only day of the year in Israel when everyone universally powers down – no cars are driven, no TV is broadcast, the radio waves are silent and no businesses are open.  It […]


Will a Greenhouse Gas Bill in Israel do the Trick?

Memos, agreements, bills, pacts, hand-shaking…we’ve heard a lot of talk about Israel and its intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The latest episode is yesterday’s announcement that MK Ofer Paz-Pines (Labor party) has submitted a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Israel. According to INN, the bill will call for a 25 percent reduction […]