Teaching Old Planes New Energy Efficiency Landing Tricks

A simple change in operations gives aviation an environmental win-win-win. Continuous Descent Arrival (CDA) is an aircraft operating technique in which arriving planes descend in a relatively straight line to the runway. In conventional descent, an aircraft drops in a stair-step manner, requesting control tower permission to descend to each new lower altitude, with portions of […]


The Eco Army of Cyprus

Going green and doing it for the troops, in Cyprus “Going green” is a new defense tactic modern military: From the use of solar energy to power field re-chargers for communication equipment to finding new ways to supply troops with drinking water by moisture condensation from vehicle AC units. Armies going green is a new tactical offensive in […]


Morocco to Build Cars in Zero Carbon Factory

Morocco’s zero-carbon car factory opening earlier this month, via NY Times. The CEO of Renault–Nissan alliance Carlos Ghosn and Moroccan King Mohammed VI inaugerated French automaker’s one-billion-euro plant in Tangier which is set to boost Morocco’s automobile industry.The plant will build several new ‘low cost’ vehicles with an annual capacity that could reach ups 400,000 […]

Time to Adapt to Climate Change

Climate change is here and it looks like there is no way back. Scientists and policymakers are increasing concerned about extreme weather and climate events. These include extended waves of abnormally hot or cold weather, unseasonal temperatures, changes in precipitation and wind patterns, along with more dramatic occurrences like unprecedented blizzards, cyclones sudden downpours, sudden […]

Carbon Offsetting Saudi Arabia

Who doesn’t want to jump onto the carbon offset bandwagon when you see Coldplay advocating it? I mean come on, that’s a cool bunch of guys, and if they are doing it, it must be the right thing to do. As interest in environmental issues has grown, so has the alluring, politically correct, celebrity-sanctioned model […]

Run Your Carbon Footprint Against the World’s

My feet are big, at US women’s size 10, but my footprint is enormous. See how yours compares to other nations in the world                                                        Drop a teabag in a mug, add boiled water, and in the time it takes to brew, you can calculate your carbon weight. Trust me – you’ll need a comforting drink when […]


Underwater City Alternative to Floating Islands?

An underground underwater city and water complex idea an alternative to floating islands? Climate change is causing sea levels to rise, so much that the president of the Maldives wants to locate his island nation. Some parts of the world are preparing themselves for this new reality, while urban planners look for new solutions to […]


Watts to Water Brothers in Rural Pakistan

Three brothers working in Pakistan’s remote Chitral communities are helping provide green electricity for 45,000 homes. Their micro hydro-electricity projects, 70 up and running to date, include manufacturing and installation, giving Pakistani families in undeveloped communities clean and reliable power. So far they have helped supply 10 MW of clean greenhouse gas-free power in two […]

Israel’s Worst Fire in Modern History Kills 40 and Rages On In Bio-reserve

[youtube][/youtube]Believed to have been started by arsonists, a deadly fire is racing out of control in UNESCO-protected Carmel Mountain.  People, and animals, are being evacuated. Death toll is at 40. Some 40 people trapped in a bus are known to have been killed and 45 more reportedly injured as a massive fire on Israel’s Mount […]

Gore Says Oil Shale is “Utter Insanity” (VIDEO)

[youtube][/youtube] As a quick follow-up to the new oil shale pilot about to be conducted in Israel, here is a video of Al Gore saying how oil shale exploration is “insanity.” From the 2008 video, speaking about oil shale in America, Gore says: “It would vastly multiply the amount of CO2 from every gallon of gasoline. […]


Israel and Palestine Declare War… Against Climate Change

Israel and the Palestinian Authority are among 15 Mediterranean nations who have just signed a historic agreement to work together to combat the effects of climate change, one month ahead of the next United Nations conference on climate change, meeting at Cancun in November. The Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative was inaugurated by Greek Prime Minister […]


Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben talks about fossil fuels, a “slightly earlier time,” and’s goal to ensure a future for the world’s youth. Bill McKibben needs very little introduction, but I’ll give one anyway. Not only is he considered one of America’s leading environmentalists, who has written a small sack full of books and contributes to numerous […]


UAE To Cut Electricity Output, Carbon Emissions

The United Arab Emirates has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world. Not surprising considering the small country has an indoor ski hill in the middle of the desert and a number of other Las Vegas-esque attractions (like the IceLand waterpark), but the government has said enough. A new high-tech plan was announced on […]


Israel's Best and Brightest Debate Climate Policy

What will Israel do if the Nile Delta becomes submerged from climate change? Brainstorming at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop today at Ben-Gurion University. (Image courtesy of Ophir Shoham) In his opening remarks at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop at Ben-Gurion University today, Prof. Alon Tal, one of Israel’s most revered environmentalists, referred […]