Rothko-esque Plastic Bags Go From Rubbish to Relevant

Colorful plastic bags are both the canvas and the paints in Aviva Sawicki’s artworks. Plastic bags are a ubiquitous and un-eco-friendly material that many sustainable and upcycling designers have tried to reuse.  One designer has turned plastic bags into shoes, another has made plastic bag wallets, and plastic bags can even be used as crocheting […]


ELTE Weaves New Life Into Aging Persian Rugs

What’s almost as good as a Persian or Turkish Rug? An old one given new life with special dye. In addition to oil, Iran has a commodity that no one needs to fight about: carpets. According to the Financial Times, in 2008, that country’s exports accounted for 30% of the world market. A staggering number […]