Goats – your new firefighting friends


Now, a new Israeli study has explored different ways to expand the use of this simple and ecological practice and to encourage goat grazing in Israel. Goats contribute to fire prevention by eating the excess vegetation in areas where plant growth is dense and scrubby (such as forests), making it more difficult for fires to spread. […]

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Treehugger Friend to Sick Trees


“Trees can sense that you’ve come to help them“ – Oded Yaffe: Photo by Ilya Melnikov Helping to save and protect trees is an ongoing task in a small countries like Israel and Jordan that have been frequently plagued by wildfires. And by over development in Jordan. One dedicated person, Oded Yaffe who has devoted his […]

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Interview with David Brand, Israeli Delegate to the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun (COP16)


David Brand (pictured above in the middle), Head Forester of KKL-JNF and Israeli delegate to the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, gives us an insider perspective on the conference. Delegates from all over the world have gathered at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico (COP16) for almost a week now, and discussions […]

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