COP 15 Outcome: A Weak Climate Change Agreement, Disappointed Environmentalists, and "Oil Business As usual" in the Middle East


The glaciers are melting – and seas are rising – is climate change to blame? It’s over: the two week long COP 15 conference on global warming and climate change ended Friday night with a weak agreement to try to keep global warming temperature levels at or below 2 degrees Celsius, and to allocate a […]

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Israeli NGOs Light Channukah Candles and Push for Government Action in Copenhagen


Last night, Israel’s NGO delegation to the Copenhagen climate talks kicked off a week of activism with a very special Channukah candle-lighting. Delegates gathered in City Hall Square of the city to publicly light the Channukah menorah, but with a climate-flavored twist.  Instead of singing the traditional words to age-old Channukah songs, the activists changed […]

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