Weasel on a woodpecker? Discover Dubai through an eagle’s eye instead!


The world went wild last week over an unforgettable image of a weasel riding bareback on a woodpecker in flight.  It is difficult to imagine a more astonishing moment that the one captured by amateur British photographer Martin Le-May, unless maybe if that woodpecker had a camera strapped to his chest.  But that sort of nutty nature photography could only happen […]

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Is Pakistan Aiming to “out-Vegas” Dubai With World’s Biggest Tower?


Didn’t Azerbaijan just claim to be building the world’s tallest tower?   Abu Dhabi Group will construct the world’s tallest building in Pakistan. It’s the stuff of dreams. Let’s hope it stays that way. The project will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building in Dubai) as part of a $45 billion national investment by Pakistani […]

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An Ant In Dubai


A greenie examines her soul at the foot of hundreds of Dubai towers. Dubai is nothing at all like Las Vegas. Though both are unlikely cities in waterless environs and full of people eager to divest visitors of both their souls and their money, that is where their likeness ends. As a tour leader for […]

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Dubai Expat On Cloud Lucky Wins Nat Geo Photo Competition


Winjnand Van Till captured what would become National Geographic’s 2010 top Landscape photo in The Netherlands edition. An amateur photographer has captured the most telling image of Dubai to date, winning a National Geographic photo competition for his effort. We’ve seen this Emirate from the underground metro, holiday shots depict its scraper-spattered skyline, and many […]

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