Is Bicycle Sharing Coming to Beirut?

Could a bike sharing system work in Beirut? Bicycle sharing has become all the rage in certain cities in the past few years, ever since the Parisians got the trend going with the Vélib’ shared bike rental system approximately three years ago.  In the Middle East, Nicosia implemented a bike sharing system a few weeks […]


Abu Dhabi Cyclists Are A Riding Target

A tourist takes to Abu Dhabi’s safe biking area – a smart choice! Cycling culture in Abu Dhabi is not well understood. Although it is hot, hot, hot four months out of the year, a growing number of people are parking their cars and traveling on two wheels instead. These intrepid adventurers constitute a minority […]


Harassmap Lets Women Cyclists in Cairo Report Abuse Via SMS

Do women in Cairo have bigger carbon footprints because they are afraid to ride their bikes? Transportation is a large contributor to air-pollution. Today, the whole world is shifting towards more sustainable means of transportation. While in most countries men and women are equally active in such a movement, in more traditional societies, women are […]


Care To Ride A Silhouette Horsey In An Ecotard?

Biking is better for the environment. Why not do it with a sense of horsey humor, in an ecotard? Earlier today we reported on two women who plan to traverse 10,000 miles of Silk Road on bicycles. Their mission is serious – to promote trans-boundary conservation of fragile ecosystems. Now Treehugger has introduced an entirely […]


Two Women Cycle The Silk Road For Transboundary Conservation

These women began their epic 10,000 mile biking for transboundary conservation journey in Istanbul. Following their own footsteps down an entirely different path, best friends Kate Harris and Melissa Yule left Istanbul to continue a year-long tour of transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) along the Silk Road. With concern that these outlaying ecosystems are especially vulnerable […]