Jonah’s tomb in Iraq blown up by ISIS

Every year Jewish people read the Book of Jonah from the Old Testament during the Yom Kippur holiday – that was this past Saturday, and Jonah came to my mind when I was writing about the holiest day of the year for the Jews. Jonah is my favorite biblical story, I was saddened to learn that […]


The Lebanese Cedar Survival Passes Tipping Point?

The cedar tree, Lebanon’s national symbol , has been for centuries overused by various civilizations. Reforestation might not bring them back from the brink.  The Cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus Libani, is an evergreen coniferous plant native to Lebanon, Syria and southern Turkey. Cedar forests once covered the entire Mount Lebanon chain but the cedar,an emblem […]

Why I Am Fighting Air-Megeddon

A new international airport is slated to be built in Israel’s pastoral Jezreel Valley. Concerned activist Hadas Marcus explains why plans should be scrapped – for people and the birds. Perhaps you are not aware of a major storm brewing, one that will affect many people living in Israel. Precious time is running out. If […]


Eco-Rabbi: Parshat Beshalach – Water of Life

Each week Orthodox Jews read one segment of the Five Books of Moses so that they can complete the entire Five Books within the course of a year. In last week’s Eco-Rabbi post we discussed the power of symbols. This week continues with discussing of water and life. Pharaoh finally agrees to let the Jewish […]


Eco Rabbi: Parshat Vayetzei – Working Together

In this week’s segment Jacob leaves his parent’s home. Jacob just out-maneuvered Esau, his brother, for the birthright and now Esau wants revenge. Jacob hopes to stay with family in Haran. On his way there Jacob sets up camp in a special “place.” Sources explain that that place is holy and is either the Temple […]