Arab Spring Female Activist Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Yemeni activist Tawakul Karman has become the first Arab woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Today, Yemeni activist Tawakul Karman was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her role in the Arab Spring along with two other Liberian women who mobilized a women’s ‘sex strike’ which ended a 14-year civil war in their […]


Millions Go Hungry In Syria, Libya and Yemen

Humanitarian crises erupt in Libya, Yemen and Syria as the populations revolt against their oppressive leaders From the very start, the price of food has played an important role in the emerging Arab Spring which has swept across Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. As food prices rose so did the anger in […]


Iran Quit Dirty Energy Subsidies And Survived

There was life before oil. And life will go on when it’s all used up. Iran becomes an unlikely leader by ending dirty energy subsidies. Iran has done what every politician on earth secretly dreams they could do: enforced the end of dirty energy subsidies. And the country is still standing. Mr. Dominique Guillaume and […]